Just For Me

Sometimes I just want it all back again.I think I'm above water but the water won't go away ,it rises on me and ruins my day.Will I spent the rest of my life longing for the days before the rain came?Why is this world I woke up in so cold?
What I want is so simple...Frank and Rosetta in the back yard.Kids running around on the lawn.My husband and Frank  talking about how to fix the backhoe. A subject that never ended and had so many jokes around it. The old cement table set and food coming.Justin" justa stop'in by" in a hungry mood. My husband the self proclaimed master chef poking meat on the grill.Rosetta remarking on the flower garden.The smell of those flowers mixed with the scent of moving water from the stream.The kitchen screen door slamming behind me as I carry out the ice tea,can't join that scene fast enough.
 Frank and Rosetta died and the water came up to rip every place they had been away. No one in this new world I'm in seems to think such a place has ever been ...." Mr Rockwell died and his paints dried"
holywren holywren
56-60, F
Dec 15, 2012