I Want Healthy Relationships.

I want relationships that add value to my life rather than subtract from that.

Relationships take time to build and it is always a two way street.

You find that as time passes the relationships you've built can reap dividends but

only if you've taken the time. It also helps to build relationships with people who have

good sense (as they say, common sense is not always common),

An even keel on life and a good heart.

Hannah777 Hannah777
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 10, 2010

You know I so agree with you Redtail....it has to be a two way street. And on the second point, practical intelligence is an essential part of what will help you to add value and depth to your own life. <br />
<br />
SukYoung...I am sorry, that you ran aground with friends who took advantage of you. Time will help you read people better, so you will know how to guard yourself when it comes to building friendships with people you can trust.

To invest in a relationship is like a 401K investment, you put so much in it as well as the employer matches. So you are going to get out what you two put into it. Having common sense isn't as common as the name. I also believe that it shouldn't take a life time to realize it doesn't take a life time to build sense and wisdom.

I too want relationships that add value to my life, but I always seem to pick friends that just take and take and take... it seems to be always a one-way street...