Women What You Need To Know About Men

If it happened yesterday why are you still arguing about it?
They want to compliment not reassure you?
Do not ask what would you do if I did this or this happened to me would you still be with me?
Men want to show you they love you not constantly be under pressure to prove it too you constantly?
They do not always think about sex we would not have built the world we have now if that was the case, they have to think about other things
Men have feelings, lymbic ssystem, they have just learn to repress them
He needs "me" time and silence to think let him do so
When he gets home from work give him time to wind down before you ask him a thousand questions
Know what stories are best for sharing and what ones are best for writing
Insecurity is not attractive
Offer to pay
Don't give advice unless he asks just listen to his problems
Give him time to spend with the guys do not try to rule his life
*********** is to men as Love Stories and movies are to women its his fantasy and you have them too, its not cheating
Silence is nice sometime
If you find that you are trying to change him, you are with the wrong man
Arguments about this, state the problem, find the solution. Done. Do not talk about the problem on and on
Let him feel masculine however he chooses to express it, holding open doors etc
Listen to him
Men are not all the same!!!!!!!!!
Love him
Tell him you trust him
Compliment him whenever you get the chance, tell him he is strong
Do not try to dress him he is not a child
Drama tv shows do not make you look more appealing
He does not care what you are wearing it does not matter!!!
Dont take him shopping, its just cruel. He hates it so why make him???
You dont have to like the same things, dont force him to do what you like its just dumb
Let him look at other women, it shows you are confident and that you cant own people!
Be honest with him
Remember every man and woman are different and when you generalize you miss out on the unique amazing people
Do not go into a relationship with expectations, go into a relationship with a canvas
Its not about finding your perfect man, its about building a dream together
Alright ladies thanks for reading
Lenina1 Lenina1
18-21, F
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whats "lymbic ssystem"?