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Apart From Happiness

Lifelong, loving, healthy relationships is what I really want.
I'm tired of having short-lived relationships. It takes a huge toll on me to have to deal with the loss of someone I care for because they don't want me in their life anymore. 
If I have life long healthy relationships then it would be so much easier for me to be happy. 
reset reset 18-21, F 7 Responses Jul 12, 2012

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Me too

They will emerge in time, be patient and enjoy where you are right now

It is in the learning to enjoy being wholly in the present that will allow you to find what it is you want

very true,,,but you never know about another,,it takes a long time to get to know another,,then you really don't know them,,,people change in time,,,so it's all a gamble,,but worth it to feel love,,then heartbreak,,only to love again,

You are so young, enjoy each person you meet . Youll be in a long relationship soon enough and you'll regret not dating enough. Your happiness comes from within never depend on anyone outside yourself, man or your girlfriends to be your main source of happiness. Work on you , find your joy and you'll attract many happy stable men.

plenty of time for you to achieve that "reset" believe me! i even feel that way still at 38 but , i have just chosen the wrong people , am hoping the next half of my life is more " healthier" in terms of those relationships you speak of , i can see you are one of those people who gets hurt easily , but honestly "reset" a few good people are difficult to come by (, believe me when i say that ), but its not impossible, good wishes and luck to you :-))) xx

I too dream about the stability of a healthy and loving relationship.<br />
It seems to come so easy to people around me, and yet it escapes me.

I know the feeling too well. I see friends and co-workers who have been with the same person for 2 years, 5 years or longer and it makes me so jealous. I wish I was good enough for a long term relationship too.

So how have u been?

Not too bad. Just really busy with school, then graduating, moving out &amp; working full time. How about yourself?