Worth the Time

If a person has this or can find this then he is the richest man or woman on the planet. I know that it does exists I have seen it in action and I was so jealous since I have not yet acquired it yet. Maybe some day I to will be rich. I know it takes trust, love, respect, and a lot of work but the end result is well worth the time and energy that is demanded.

LateNightGuy LateNightGuy 41-45, M 10 Responses Jul 2, 2008

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Verry well noted EM, I will try to do that.

Just don't forget: ALL work, and NO play makes a dull boy!! ;) Have a little fun with that "work" you're planning! ;)

Your Most Welcome...

I watch how couples talk and act with each other I watch them in good times and bad to see how life changes them and there love for each other. If a couple can come together and still be as loving in both then I feel like it is real.

Thanks heaven, Let the treasure hunt begain.

I agree LNG, to have something that is everything and mutual is the richest anyone can ever hope to be. Good luck to you in your quest for a real treasure :)

Thank you Blumcsi and may you also find the relationships that you are looking far.

Though I don't necessarily seek this in romantic relationships, I do mean to find relationships that last in general...

It would be amazing to make strong connections, create bonds that never tear.... with people who allow you to be yourself around them...

I can see such relationships around me, and I'm glad I have some in my life

I just wish I could form them with local people as well otherwise I'm gonna end up living 99.99% of my life online - what I do NOT wih for....

Good luck finding your special ones!

Thanks Bass, I hope its going your way also

I think that sometimes it takes a little luck too. The pendulum shifting your way...