Committed to Finding a Lifelong Loving Healthy Relationship

Even though I'm very outgoing, (and I love to flirt!!!) -- I'm committed to finding the right guy for a lifelong loving healty relationship.

Perhaps it won't last a lifetime, I can't say I believe in soulmates..... BUT I believe it's better to find someone you truly and completely click with, than settle for something mediocre.

Some people look to casual sex to fill a void in their lives. Others quickly match up with partners they don't really understand, simply for the sake of getting married or "just being with someone." And then there are some who stay with someone, but see other people on the side. It really hurts to see a friend cheat or get cheated on. I still can't believe some of the stories I hear.

Maybe I'm idealistic, fairy-tale inspired, or just plain nuts, but I would rather wait for someone I truly care for. And then stay loyal to them for as long as the relationship lasts (hopefully as long as possible). It's safer (STDs are rampant), and overall makes for a healthier, more stable life.

The older I get, the more I realize that having a lifelong loving partner is incredibly important because you'll have that support while being able to care for another individual -- which is fulfilling in itself. In my opinion, people who strive to be alone are simply denying their humanity. (not that being single is wrong, I fully support waiting, but you know what I mean)

I understand that few people like to be in smothering relationships, but I believe that there is nothing wrong with a healthy, BALANCED lifelong relationship between two compatible people. It's really one of the most beautiful things our life has to offer.

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I am also looking for a life long loving relationship with a good hearted woman... Any good gals seriously interested let me know : ).

thanks sugarnspice4u, I've made some mistakes about this in the past and have learned, too. :-)

Wow I admire your values in looking at this matter. I wish I am that matured when I was your age, so I can see things better now lol. Anyhow, I took all lessons in the past with a stride, and make the best of little time I have enjoying the moments as much as I can with someone I am currently with. Thanks for sharing.

nice explanation! good analizing! you can see things from outside and inside. : )

I know what you mean, it has to be based on the right things. Some of my best friends have gone through the worst -- one of them, his girlfriend is cheating on him and he doesn't have enough guts to confront her. I really don't know how to help him because he doesn't take my advice! Another friend stays with her boyfriend but clearly doesn't feel for him anymore. It's really sad to see it. <br />
<br />
At least there are some couples out there that really work to keep things alive. I look at them and I don't lose hope. :-D

I agree with you. :)<br />
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It really much better to have hope in things that will last. And there is hope really, I've seen SO many tragic relationships really, it's enough to make you question your faith in lasting commitments, because it seems like everyone only cares about themselves. <br />
<br />
I guess it has to be based on the right things though...<br />
then it can, and does work.