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I had liposuction on my stomach and my face with Dr. Grant Hamlet and Cosmetic Medical Group, I had always been slim but after two ceasarians i had a tummy that i could not get rid of - exercise etc did not work even after my seond child when i was down to 7.5 stone i still had it so i decided that i wanted lipo - did some research on the internet and decided it was for me.  Afterwards was really painful for a couple of days and I had swelling for weeks but I am happy with the results. while my procedure was not so large I had a litre of fat removed my friend had four ltrs taken from each thigh - also very painful afterward but an amazing difference!  Aftercare is important i had ultrasound and manual massage for a couple of days afterwards to reduce the swelling and to reduce bruising. It is well worth it and i would consider doing it again as with all things you forget the pain when its gone and you have the result!

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I'm thinking about having liposuction, but I'm very afraid. All those reviews (http://www.pissedconsumer.com/consumer-reviews/plastic-surgery.html) scared me to death! I'm afraid oft he pain, after-operation complications and all that stuff..Would you provide more details about your surgery?

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I did went through a lipo but I feel so stupid now that I did that because a few months before going through the liposuction I made myself go into a discipline that will keep my body always in shape and I did that 4 months before my liposuction. Then when the time came I was loosing so much weight and looking great but I still got the lipo because I was decided to do it. Is just now that I realized that thanks to my discipline and diet I could've achieved my goal I just needed to be a little more patient and then after the lipo I just learned about these bodyshapers from Vedette (you can google them) and try them and let me tell you something: " I GOT AN AMAZING SHAPE" yeah even after the lipo I was able to loose more inches on my waist and legs and it was just for $35 BUCKS!! when I had to pay so much $$$ for the lipo anyway I'm so happy with my body right now but if I could rewind my life and do it again I would just follow my diet and exercise routine (only 20 minutes of walking 3 days a week) and that great vedette bodyshapewear I could've saved so much more but even if I got a lipo I don't really recommend it there are cheaper ways to get in shape and if you are not strong enough to deal with that then that means that after the lipo you will get your old body back to the way it was before the lipo...

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Does anybody know if the skin gets loose after liposuction?

Does anybody know if the skin gets loose after liposuction?

Hey, did you check out the non surgical liposuction techniques available out there? These are non-invasive and painless methods of liposuction!