Stretched Nipples?

I remember seeing an article few months ago with instructions how one can stretch his/her nipples any ideas anyone?
It's something I would definitely be interested doing.

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1. nipple suction cups<br />
2. have someone suck on your nipples every day for at least 30 minutes<br />
3. nipple rings<br />
4. play with them; tug them, pull them, rub them... daily<br />
5. breast pump

yours will be soon!

Google "Supple Nipps"....great fun and lots of different sizes. :)

Thay really work!

HMM, sounds interesting. I have a few fake syringes, pretty good sized areound that I bought a couple of halloween's past, I'll have to try using them this way.<br />
<br />
Thanks, I never would have thought of that.<br />
<br />
Hugs, Jessica

I bought a couple of syringes and cut the needle end off and smoothed it down. The plunger, I drilled holes in it on alternate sides every 3mm. <br />
After some suckling I put a syringe over her nipple and pulled the plunger up drawing the nipple inside. <br />
I then put a nail through the hole to keep it in place and did the other one.<br />
<br />
After a bit of trial and error , it's best to have some air in the end before putting over the nipple as the suction continues after it's fastened. After a while we went up to a bigger syringe and started again.<br />
Now they are a good length and pierced so that I can hang small weights on and make her squirm.<br />
<br />
Enjoy<br />

Same here-in London too so if you find anything local let me know :-)<br />
I want something I can use during the day

I also would be interested in that article along with Deborah! If anyone knows where it may be, please forward.<br />
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