.. Long.. Hard.. Suckable.. Nipples...

.. I love 'em!
Very enticing & exciting.
I have always had large, protruding nipples.

I just wanted to share with all of you that are interested in
some techniques that I've came upon to help this process.
There are many 'aides' and battery-operated nipple-type
suction devices that they sell in adult book stores.
I received one kind as a gift before and, especially finding
out the cost to be ~$40 would NOT recommend the kind with
batteries and wires with/lil pink suction type cups.
They really did not work very well and was very disappointed.
However, for about $8 they sell a set of plain black 'suction-cups'
for nipples that work very well~and are worth it!

You can try making a home-made version with say like a small
bottle of ear drops - cutting off the very top end and using a
plastic that is soft, yet also 'firm' enough to create a suction when
you 'squeeze' it onto each nipple.

sxynshy sxynshy
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very hot - love them

I'd be interested in what you've come across in the 5 years since penning this. Humor me?

very hot

Seeing nipple bumps in any situation is my biggest turnon. Would love to be able to provide the suction to help increase the size of anyone's nipples.

Mmmm love to but live in Eureka

I do and we're both in San Diego.

Thank you for your replies !<br />
<br />
I really appreciate them.<br />
<br />

Very creative and sexy. I love long nipples. Thanks for sharing.<br />
- Dan in San Diego

I too love long nipples, in my MOUTH! On my eyes, in my ear and on my back.

I see your nipples receive the attention they deserve.