Hopless Dreamer

When I was younger in my 20's I use to go out on dates a lot to try to  find the one. I always had this dream of being like a knight in shining armor rescuing some woman who was beautiful  on the inside has well has the outside in my eyes. Of course I never did find her  because I never had the great experience of that look two people share when they first stare into each other's eyes and just know this is the person I am going spend the rest of my life with. I met people who had this happen and they are happy together. It seemed I always also attracted the wrong type of women who where not looking for something serious. I got sick of it and so exiled myself for the last 14 years to being a loner. Now I'm 37 and trying again to find that look to find her, Part of me is a hopeless  romantic at heart. But now another part of me is like a lone wolf who prefers being alone. I wonder if true love still is possible?

Hello there my soul calls out
into the night
the moon and stars whisper back
the desires of my heart
two halves to become one in body and soul
I walk along this nightly path
like the lone wolf
always seeking with eyes so dark
that greatest dream of eternal love
seems like forever since I once
had begone
my endless call to her across these years
to kiss her lips would be just a taste of hope
along this nightly path
perhaps just a dream the night tells me
so this lone wolf walks on
Pa1ad1n Pa1ad1n
36-40, M
Jul 25, 2010