The Wonder Within And Around Us

have you ever died? I MEAN RElly DEAD?My first time was around 6,got nailed by a shot in my wall lamp.sapp!!woke up in my bed and saw my early departed grandmother,aunt and our loved landloard charlie,all said,every thing will be alright,ken.That was over 50 years ago,shudda ,might ,have,what the **** been shot,run over,left in the ocean to drown,killed be mosikitoes,bite by a snake,and the worse was hit by lighting,three almost fatlal car accidents. I mean where does the **** end?!said hello to a 29 foot great whit one time also,burrrr,been stranded in the ocean twice.maybe what i'm tryin to say to some of you kids out there,don't push it,it will come to you in due time,just  don't lookk so soon,love you all,ken have fun we all go back to the man upstaires
catusblue catusblue
Aug 11, 2010