My Mermaid Tale

LOL, just reading the title of this group makes me giggle. Bahaha! Okay, so a few months ago, age 12, I had wanted to be a mermaid so bad. Like, you have NO IDEA how bad. I would die for it. To get magical water powers, and grow a tail when water touches me. And for it to be purple? Oh boy! <3 I didn't really fully believe in it, and according to the spell I used, that was required. I did it, though, and waited for the specific amount of time I was supposed to. Nothing happened. Over time, I just told myself I was completely retarded and mermaids didn't exist and it's impossible to turn into one anyway. But the question is still there. I didn't believe, so what would happen if I did...?

Either way, I'm not embarassing myself mentally like that again. I'd want to prove the theory with someone else first. xD
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May 17, 2012