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How To Do Magic - Instructions

Magic is the way of transforming reality according to our wishes.
The oldest tradition of doing it is known to me as ~ Bon.
Magic is used as well as a term to explain some occurrences which can’t be explained by any rational reasoning.
The oral history claims that Bon started about 17,000 years ago in central Asia. Bon was discovered by me through Tibetan Buddhism. I learnt about its presence in Tibet before Buddhism arrived there in 7th century. Tibetan Buddhism is amalgamated with Bon and exchanges its views and practices both ways. Though Bon is very active and alive in Tibet, yet almost completely unknown to the outsiders.

In Tibetan Bon they are certain levels of understanding.

Basic level comes from what folk believes that nature or several elements of it are represented by spirits. River, mountain, tree etc can have their own spirit. Therefore, praying to certain local spirits and showering the offerings to all above can please them and bring an expected result. Similar behaviors can be easily found while dealing with all the kinds of weather phenomenon.

Praying to the Deity or Spirit or The Protector or Demon or God and making offerings to them is always good, if we are talking about healing or seeking for health, protection from harm, good crops, healthy livestock, wealth, etc.

In this tradition, besides prayers and offerings which are done by laymen, we can also seek help of…...let us call him Our Spiritual Guide or simply Shaman. Shaman can display supernatural powers and is trained to perform rituals.

Next in Bon Tradition, we have a very strong presence of taking care of dying person and further leading him or her towards self liberation or next life. Death is completely different as perceived by Bon followers. They are sure that death is not the end but the next stage on the road to total freedom. Spiritual Guide is able to connect with consciences of dying one thus leading him/her towards the right path.

In Bon tradition, we can find fortune tellers and future predictions too. Spiritual guides are able to fall into trans and see what will happen. They can tell about it as well based on astrology or results of all kind of practices or simply based on their feelings.

Next level of Bon is connected with the energy flow and views which Bon practitioner possesses. In Bon tradition, like in Buddhism, it is believed that all what we see and perceive is nothing but our mind. Mind itself when become obscured - transforms into our mind with illusive ego. However,  still we see mind itself with our ego in it. Mind has no border and is reaching every particle in universe. We are part of it that is why, we can affect it by our behavior. 

Generally, if I would like to change the weather on the sun, I can because The Sun is part of me, part of my mind. I am connected that way with The Sun. I can influence it by my actions and vice verse - the Sun can affect me. If I would perform acts around me in my surrounding with that intention of changing weather on The Sun, I would influence it and change. Logically, it should work. Question remains that how powerful I am and how strong can be my impact on The Sun's weather.
We can have at least two levels of act performed in our surroundings.

Basic level

In ancient Bon, it was usually animal offering. It changes into making all kinds of figures or objects from clay or dough…etc. The process of making objects is already very spiritual and has a long tradition that has passed through generations from master to disciples. Like everything in this order knowledge goes directly from one to another. 

They can do drawings and many times, just plain on sand - circles or different shapes and place objects in them. It can comprise of many actions. They are as powerful as long are the  traditions of doing them. However it can be the spontaneous acts too, based on the feelings at a particular moment with no tradition attached to it. This can be extremely powerful because of the purity of mind reading. Mind itself always will give you the best advice.

Advanced level

It is based on the energy flow in the body of practitioner. We have 7 chakras in our body and each chakra emits its own energy. Through the process of visualizing and generating of cretin thoughts, you can increase or decrease your energy flow. You can direct it as well towards desirable chakra and shoot it out like a laser beam. This way you can affect reality. Usually, practitioners of that kind was building stone house and barricade themselves inside for days and practice until expected effect was accomplished.

It can be a difference in attitude between Bon and Buddhism. Bon when seeking results, can ask many times for something very egoistic to be achieved. Buddhism if it is Buddhism is always seeking for the benefit of all.

All depends on what we are asking for and it can be in  black or white.

If I would like to perform magic act, I would combine understanding of both the orders. Instruction for such would look somewhat as mentioned here.
I wish that all will have the most wonderful New Year Eve ever.
May 2013 will be the best for all.
The best in their life so far.

First - application:
I dedicate this practice to all sentient beings, wishing them liberation from suffering through achieving perfect enlightenment.

Second - Invoking the Deity:
In my case, it is the most powerful one - Chenrezig or Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva of unlimited compassion, represented by His Holiness Dalai Lama. Spontaneous prayer to his Holiness asking for help and blessing.

Building the shrine for  Avalokitesvara.
Fourth - Developing stage:
Prayers for compassion, love and kindness. Sending and receiving blessing towards Avokitelesvara and generating endless field of compassion and energy based on visualization, mantras and loving thoughts towards all. Emitting energy through all the chakras and pleasing all who wish to be pleased.

Dissolving stage. Concluding prayers. Rejoicing and thanking for support.

Sixth - Dedication of merit:
I dedicate this practice to all sentient beings, wishing them liberation from suffering through achieving perfect enlightenment.

Personally, I never saw any magic in my life besides illusions which are temporary. However, I see magic of human kindness with love and compassion which transforms this world for better.

Once I asked my Buddhist master, Lama Namse about magic. He told me that story.

“Long time ago there was a yogi in India. He dreamt about big spiritual achievement. He practiced through the years while locked in a cave. After a lot of hardships, he finally accomplished his goal. One day, he saw Buddha walking by. He ran to him shouting," Master, Master look I can walk on water." Buddha looked at him and said,"Great. However for that I have a boat.”

Happy New Year for all!



         His Holiness 14 Dalai Lama

Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 35 Responses Dec 30, 2012

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I see.
So what do you mean?
This is article - I wrote it but how it is who knows.
Entertainment - right?

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This is powerful. We are surrounded by magic. Some of us possess it. It has to be created with love, with compassion...There are elements to magic. The weather is easy to control. I possess rain talents. I always have. Natural elements sing. Few hear the melody. I loved your posting. All of it. Thank you for this. kissesssssssssssssssssssssss...Life is for learning, for growing. It is beyond words. Life.

I like it, I agree with some parts that are listed here.

I see.
Thank you.

You are very passionate in your writing. And it was very interesting to read! I'm intrigued and would like to learn more!

Sure no problem.
Thank you.
Learn more about?

Buddhism. Not particularly Bon because I don't think I'm ready for that yet. But I read a lot of different aspects on life. I'm basically a lost soul. The passage you wrote put a spark in me. And now I'm very interested!

I am all for you.
I will give you as much time as you wish.
Please ask any question and I will answer with pleasure.

There is a magic in everything you do and it has been a real pleasure to be able to read your writings!

I smiling a bit now saying - I hope so.
Thank you.
Your comment is real treat.

There's magic in the way you write....and the way you brought forward 'expression of peace'.Very well done,Sir.

Thank you for calling me, Sir.
It tells a lot how much good comes from your family and your culture.
I receive email today - very kind email - telling me that I am a great writer but a bit introvert and not able to observe well and because of that I don't look like people person. I think I am introvert. I live inside and all is happening in my mind. I can't do it the other way. Actually i never wanted to be a people person. In the way like leader or big hero or supper star. I am not made to deal with big traffic. I am getting lost in it. I wish to please everybody but we are so different. When you make one person happy the other one is not happy because is thinking they receive too little. Everyone is unique and special but if you will tell the same to each person they don't not feel unique and special after all. And they don't like you. They don't understand that they are unique and special in their own way. Then being leader it would make me feel sad because I like to be liked. It that matter I can't be people person. I will not know how to deal with it. I don't think that my writing separate me from people. I hope that there is the other way.
What I wanted to say thank you for your respect and giving me name Sir. However I am more of type of friend.
There is only magic if you feel it. There is no magic if you don't.
Thank you for your comment.

Great piece of writing......great expression of peace.Mr Bolek.

Peace will be with you.
Thank you.

I always love the way in stories about Buddha, he always reveals the folly of men. Love is magic. It transforms the mundane into something musical and raises our hopes and dreams to the same levels of what God desires for us.

Love is magic.
Magic is love.
Two the same sentences and totally different.

Your a very very good writer...... Very good!!

I am glad that you like it.

Can I cut them now?
I would shave them all over.
No mercy.

Not into shaving but cutting long locks off please do!!!!!!!

No problem.
Lets start with this most beautiful once if you don't mind.
Snip. Snip.
They are gone, one the floor now.
What else?
How about more trim here and there.
Snip. Snip.
Your husband will be totally surprised.

This seems to me the inevitable conclusion of humanity.. eventually everyone will be faithful, loving, grateful.

Thank you for being with me in that matter.
I wish you amazing day.

This is something really interesting. I used to be into this kind of thinking before I went deeper into psychology of human ego and stuff, but all in all awesome post :) I am glad u found time to share this :) cool :)

Very nice. Very nice.
Thank you so much.
Go around here please.
I could say I have more stories here much deeper.
Sure. I love this topic and I love to share. There will be more.

Absolutly wonderful! <3

How I wish to know you better.
Thank you.

Very interesting :0).. Make me think.. I think love must be strongest magic you can achieve..

After a lot of thinking I think I have to agree with you.
Thank you.



Thank you so much for sharing this. It brought me a feeling of peace at a much needed time.

My pleasure.

This is amazing and hopefully it all comes to pass. Thank you for posting this and wish you many happy blessings in return.

Thank you so much for your kindness.
If everybody would believe in this and do their best around themselves with that intention I am sure it would pass.

I absolutely agree....good intent is something I am really trying to incorporate in my every day life. Hatred is poison to ones soul.

A lovely Ritual. May your blessings upon friends return to you tenfold! I wish you love and magic in the coming year, for with those, what could you lack?

Thank you.
If I have you I don't lack anything.

Ah, my friend, how you warm my heart when you utter such things!

Just reflecting on beauty.

Magical nothing more to say

You are.

Yes ............ and you know flattery does get you everywhere in life .............? Happy New Year I was "busy" New Year's Eve so I missed out on all the EP action.

Yes I know. You are beautiful.

Happy New Year!!!

Thank you.
The same to you.

I already have been studying the beliefs of Buddhism, but had no idea of the magical qualities intertwined. With love and kindness for all anything is possible, call it magic, call it coincidence, or a miracle. No matter what you call it if it helps us and our fellow beings it's all good. If a person's intentions are good and filled with love how can it be wrong?

Precisely. I could not say it better.
Just right on the point.

Happy New Year -2013

The same to you.

magic is something people shouldnt get involved in, its not a riligious or spiritual belief of mine and i dont discriminate against anyons foundational support system, but i however dont agree with stripping other people of there right to choose thier own future...

Thank you for your comment.

Awesome post!

My pleasure.

Thank you for sharing the magic of your words!!! Wishing you a year filled with magic, peace and love...&...lots of hugs >----(^_^)----

Thank you.

Beautiful story. This makes me look at the religion of Buddhism differently...

I am happy that I can shine some light on Buddhism for you.
Thank you

Thank you my friend. I wish you the peace and wonderful New Year's Eve. Lovely story

All the best my beautiful friend.
I hope you are happy and he is all what you were looking for.
Thank you.
Peace and love.

Wonderful story, honey!!

I am glad that you like it dear.

Thank's my magical friend >> I love it ,, And again your so good with writting your stories
that i feel the energy flow increaseing and prayer for compassion , love and kindness.. To please and be pleased >> Happy New Year >>>>>

My pleasure.

I feel materializing love is a magical act because what you materialize out of love can never be destroyed. Keep on keeping on, love

I am. I will. I want. I love... So much "I".
Still - love brings us beyond it.

so u are a magician dad

I read a lot of books.

Thanks for sharing this with everyone...:)

I did it and enjoy it greatly.
Have a wonderful time.

Interesting worth a 2nd read!

My pleasure.

Be grateful and be clear in your intentions then things will manifest.

I hope it will be your the best year ever.
Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your post. I learned a lot from it. :)

Always. I love to share.