I Would Do Anything For Them!!!

For the longest time I've had an obsession with super powers and magic stuff. On the playgrounds of recess I would be running around pretending I was a Dragonball Z character blasting energy beams at people. XD I've also made insanely stupid attempts to fly before like jumping off the roof with an umbrella with a fan on underneath me which resulted in me breaking my leg. I just wish one day I was signifigantly different from other people with some special power like at the very least premonition like on the movie Next or being a psychic median and being able to see spirits. Though I've basically tried everything besides rolling in atomic waste to do so I still wish I could have super powers one day :)
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Well to be a medium you would have to die and then come back to life. That is quite literally the only way to get this ability. I will tell you this aswell most of the people with powers cant fly. It will not happen. Also you have to be a genetic **** up to be able to have powers. Some sort of internal mutation (most common is the heart) to get these powers. I for example have a mutation to my heart that allows me to have certain powers that I choose to not talk about on here. Unless in private chat.

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NO WAY, I`ve wishing for this since I can remember, well I still wish and try stuff... but yeah :D I`m not alone :3