Oh, the Things I Could Do...

I've wanted magical powers since I can remember.  I used to believe as a child that I would one day have them.  I fluctuate as to which powers I would want, depending on my mindset.  It usually has to do with telekinesis but at the present time, it would be the ability to know anything I wanted.  Just think of the problems you could solve if you only had to ask for the answer.  I do fear that, whatever power I had, I would not always use it for the most righteous reasons, though.  Nothing really bad.  Just quirky, fun things.  Like picking up the car that just cut you off on the northbound lane of the freeway, turning his car around and heading him southbound without his knowledge.  I wonder how long it would take him to realize he was going the wrong way.

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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

well it took me about ten years to realize i was going the wrong way!!!...haaha