I Always Wanted Telekinesis

When I was a kid (an apprently delusional kid), i would sometimes sit on my bed and stare at the door, willing it to slam shut. I would concentrate so hard and imagine that I could just feel it about to happen. I always wanted to so badly to be able to move objects with my mind. Probably just so that I'd never have to get up off the couch to find the remote or something! haha

Also, sometimes when playing around outside on a somewhat windy day, I would imagine that I could control the wind. I would watch the wind blow through the tall trees, and direct it with my hands, like a symphony. 

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I wanted telekinesis as well. Did all of the above except move my hands with the direction of the wind.

The secret to telekinesis and other mind powers is emotion. Emotions turn on the brain's abilities. When emotionally charged I accidentally move things. a couple of hairballs, wrappers, bubbles, and other light stuff is pretty common. However once I was feeling very sad about leaving a college class due to my uncontrollable telepathy and whilst walking to my car nearly crying I jarred my teeth whilst turning my attention to the bell tower. At the same instant I jarred my teeth the bell made a double hit. Not one solid strike but the pendulum actually hit the side of the bell twice, then continued to ring twice more before finishing the 11:00 hour rings.

It may sound a little dumb, but Ive always wanted telekinesis. I believe that I'm different then other people and have various fantasys or other worlds I create in my head where I have telekinetic Orb powers like on the TnT show charmed. Hey, it's crazy but it's the truth... I created in my mind my own little cool action cartoon-y thing called Orb where me and my two friends have cool Orb powers... :)

telekinesis is awesome. i sometimes stare at something like a pen or something, and i would feel it almost move, but not quite. it's like having a word on the tip of your tongue, but not being able to remember. it's frustrating, but also fun to daydream about. oh, the possibilities... =)

When I was younger I always wanted mind control... I'm more a villain at heart, lol.

haha i knew i liked you people for a reason

I did that first thing you mentioned too. I wanted to be Matilda, but without the ****** family. That girl was mad cool.

I did the same thing, still do. When I turned 33 I sat in my bed trying to turn off the light for a few minutes. 3 is magical right, I figured 33 was super magic so if it was out there this was the time for it to shine.

ha ha! i laugh at you! but only because i've done that too before. telekinetic powers are the best. <br />
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"i have no idea how your bra strap came undone?!"<br />
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i'm not a perv... i'm just very creative. ... :(

haha! yeah i think a part of me still hopes that somewhere in my brain there's a power i just haven't figured out yet. i guess the power to turn lights on and off with just a clap of the brain wouldn't be too bad.