The Joys Of Makeup

Makeup is easy. 
After you find out your colors the rest is easy.  I got my colors done by a Mary K lady.  I use Mary K foundation and concealer.  Lancome eye shadow and rouge. Mascara is what's on sale as I have to buy it so often because it spoils so quickly.  
The best thing I have found is to use my fingers for concealer and foundation.  I dab concealer under my nose and eyes and then keep working it until it is very light. Then I put foundation over my face and then blend it in with my fingers.  Once that is done I use powder to set it all. 
When it comes to eyeshadow I use a professional brush.  Not those sponge things that come with the shadow.  For rouge I again use my fingers.  It blends so well.  Mascara is a little tricky, you have to put it on and not blink until it sets. After all that I put on my lipstick. 
After all that is done I use another light coating of powder.  I always carry a compact with me and touch up my face and lips throughout my time out.  
I have been told by my wife and others that I do a wonderful job on my makeup.  of Makeup.

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Go to a pay phone or block your number and call around. You should be able to find someone. Mac cosmetic counters are trained to work with the transgendered. Some of their stores are free standing and will see you after hours, but you have to call.

good for you, I wish I knew a mary Kay saleslady that was open to helping me determine the right make up!