Gender Role Reversal

Ok here it goes! I try to stop and I can last awhile. But somehow I just have ta put my panties and bra and nylons back on! I use a female name on line now and It helps me feel more and more female. I love hearing others say things like "you go girl" or "mmm ur a pretty girl now! .. things like that. When the mood is right, I become intimate with myself.

i'm wearing a dark pink with white lace 36c bra, with matching bikini panties under my short shorts which are unzipped. and my blouse is kinda sheer so my bra is noticable..

michelle24680 michelle24680
4 Responses Sep 8, 2010

Enjoy every minute of it girl. This is for you and don't forget it.

Hi Michelle, you go for it girl x<br />
By the way, try a bit of perfume, it does wonders for me.

Hey Michelle. Just enjoy the feelings you get and remember them next time you doubt your femininity. Love, Melissa xxx

.Michelle don't fight it accept it once in panties you don't go back giggle youwill accept and love your growing feminity<br />
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