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Wish I had a real life story to post on this topic, but let me opinionize if I may? Let's face it women are gaining over men not just in terms of physical numbers. But also in their ability to please employers whom according to the statistics would rather hire women because except for pregnancy, are more reliable and more dedicated to their employers and their careers than are men. In addition recent surveys conducted in the fortune 500 scene have indicated that women's salaries are finally begining to compete with and in some cases surpass those of men working in the same field. Then if you realize that with all the technology that we have there really is not much need for macho manhood left, unless a building, bridge or road has to be built. And even then i'm sure that out there somewhere there are females in the construction/ laborer field. All this said I think that it's well past, indeed decades past time for male femininity and gender role reversal to blossom. Look at hellenistic history and we see a raft of cultures throughout the world embracing female Godess worship and a matriarchal social structure. Thousands of years prior to the establishment of the "big 3" religions that dominate our moral veiwpoints and overall social direction.  Unfortunately women gradually allowed men to hold powerfull positions within the mariachy, and or a Godess worshipping religion, and thusly lost power to men. Consequently men are still in control of our current social structure, with no end in sight as women are convinced that they want to simultaneously be equal with men, and be traditional wives and mothers at the same time? Again I beleive male femininity and gender role reversal is something that should have allready been happening since WW2. Trust  me there's nothing I want more in this life than for my wife to releive me of my pants, my male ego, and my role as her "husband" and supposed head of this household lol(i'm a sissy for God's sake, gimme a break!)  Then force feminize me into a new status as her loyally submissive and obedient wife, an idea generations before it's time I suspect. Can you imagine a man having the priviledge of his last name becoming his "maiden" name and then taking his spouse's last name as his own, becoming her wife! WOW, Ms. and Mrs. Smith, totally fascinating, wish it were me!! Unfortunately however reality is what it is so  I regret to conclude that inspite of all our technological advances nowadays, I don't see either men nor women truly ready for a mass exodus towards gender role reversal. Even though there are those of us that can easily invision the benefits of such a utopia.....
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My condolences concerning your loss Joanie, please know my thoughts are with you. this subject is always open hon, just weight in with whatever you feel, ok/<br />
lots a love, robbi

I almost did get married and became the bride, but this was back in the late 90's. Things weren't so forgiving as they are now. I'm new here and was just looking around and found this subject and an interesting one it is. My beloved bacame very ill and so the marriage never took place by her passing. But I see where I can post my story to the group and I'll do so when time permits. For now I'm wondering if this conversation is still active.

True that Bill! No debating your factual logic, for sure. Gotta admit i'm one of those that'll gladly hand over the reigns of control to a Woman. Like you said how can they do any worse than us? But first let me finish my can of Miller Lite and empty my ashtray ok? LOL!!

I can see your point Sissyjasmine and I myself am a victom of having to take an $8.00 an hour pay cut just to get a job. Then again big business is trying to save money any way they can. Women's salaries are rising true, but overall they're still behind men. This is great for the Fortune 5oo though because they can hire a Female CEO for less, while getting more production from her than most men! I am a supporter of Women's overall superiority to men, yet I admit that it's almost as though we're the ones that need support.

The last paragraph of my post didn't come out right - it should have read that as most women now like wearing the more practical and figure flattering pant suit, male and female fashions will become more similar and adrogynous.

I notice that my husband since he is feminized. At home only. (With damage). He lets me leadership, and cares only the household. Yet he was a leader in its field.<br />
He did not like any of feminization. But I think there are benefits.<br />
We women should be careful about that. We could pay the price.<br />
It is not that dress codes. A dress does not make a man a woman!.<br />
I also think we need to be careful, we women. Not to become like men, LOL.<br />
<br />

The last paragraph of my post didn't come out right - it should have read that as most women now like wearing the more practical and figure flattering pant suit, male and female fashions will become more similar and adrogynous.

Hi Lechera<br />
<br />
I think that the traditional gender roles ie breadwinner vs homemaker/childraiser are already being reversed. Once upon a time, it was an advantage to be born male, but now the opposite is true. The education system, the post-industrial economy and society is better suited to the skills offered by girls and women. Women are thriving. Men are dying. A male is at a disadvantage compared to his female contemporaries from birth. Girls outshine him at school and university and are starting to get higher status and higher paid jobs,. The gender pay gap and the glass ceiling is disappearing for women but are now appearing for men, who are struggling to find work, let alone progress up the career ladder. Male employment in the last recession was hit hard, really hard, whilst female employment held steady and even rose in some areas. In the USA and Canada, women are now the majority in the workplace.<br />
The number of househusbands is rising, and will continue to rise as the best jobs and the higher incomes go to female graduates. Male graduates are in a minority.<br />
Girls are being brought up to believe that they can do anything and want an education and a career. They have become noticably more assertive, confident, competitive and even more aggressive. Boys' futures are being stifled by an education system that favours girls and so are voting with their feet as soon as they free to leave the education system. Girls now seriously outnumber boys in colleges and university campuses. In addition, boys are being mollycoddled and are seem to need to be told what to do whilst girls just know what is required and get on with it.<br />
In short, girls are the new boys and boys are fast becoming the new girls, looking to girls for guidance, leadership and even protection, which is a complete flip of how boys and girls used to be.<br />
The future for the male is looking to be in the home, as the economy is increasingly finding his talents irrelevant. I reckon that by the middle of this century, women will be the workers and men will be the homemakers. Everything is pointing to this outcome.<br />
Will men end up in skirts? I'd like to think so, but I'm doubtful. Women like to look glamourous and many don't like seeing men being feminine. I guess it would depend on the individual. Some women would like to put their husbands in skirts (and many men would welcome this) and others would divorce their husbands in a heartbeat if he suggested that he'd like to wear female clothing.<br />
My guess is that as most women nowadays like wearing the more over time. Inconceivable as it might seem, the skirt might disappear altogether and be a curiousity in museums of fashion.<br />
I'd love to live long enough to see how all this evolves.

Thanks for the vote of support Ms. Catherine! Wish all Women were like you, bst wishes!

Good vision and you too Russell Leach. My husband's skirts and role. My pants and the role, but I do not denigrate the dresses for me.<br />
It is not at all gay. But society does not tolerate men wearing dresses in public! This is unfortunate indeed.<br />
It becomes "very" woman in her behavior at home.<br />
It becomes "my" wife. Woman home. My wife to bed too.<br />
<br />
There are about even women who keep their réussise.En femininity and their role as women. Men with men. But men who support them and help them. In their household.<br />
<br />

Well said and researched Russella! You hit the nail on the head, men do appear a bit unsure of their status in this new century, as we are seen more and more as "dinosaurs" of a bygone era. Like you I also am looking forward to that day when we men are put into skirts. But are we sure that men being put into skirts will really happen physically, or just figuratively? Will we actually wind up with the skirts that go with the role? Or will it back fire and we'll have to do the role but dressed as men? Just for a moment consider the edjucated Women you spoke of in your comment. Most of them are waiting to get married and have children until their careers are fully established, if then. And if you observe the really successfull Females like Ophra Winfrey and Barbara Walters they never get married. Yes I agree wholeheartedly with you I'd like nothing better than to see Women in thier rightfull place as the dominant sex. But we males may find our only means of employment in the future will be as a salaried ***** bank donor, as Women will continue to avoid marriage because their attracted to "bad boy's", but afraid of them simultaneously. I think it will take more than just money to get men into doning skirts. I beleive it's might be a combo of financial incentives and edjucation that might convince Women hence Mother's to raise their young girl's to be more aggressive, and their boy's to be more passive. Obviously with the use of appropriate toys, clothing, behavior patterns, etc.. Frankly Russella, I don't think it will happen in my life time anyway, i'm sorry too say! Somewhere in the good book it says, "it's better to light one candle than sit and curse the darkness". So I'm in hopes of creating a website dedicated to the 1 of every 3 Women nowadays that are victoms of violent testosterone fueled crime. And that if the time honored yet forgotten benefits of "petticoat discipline" were brought back and used on their son's. It would have the duel effect of taming violent crime while leaving a permanent scare on the young males masculinity! But first Females must be convinced that transgendered/crossdressing men are more attractive than the current "bad boy" syndrome types they tend to go for these days! As I write this most Females are not attracted to crossdressing sissies like us, that's why we stay in the closet most of the time. We "gurls" are automatically relegated to "gay" status and hence Women are turned off by us. But with a little enlightened edjucation, maybe Women could see the merit of deliberately choosing a transgendered man!

I think gender role reversal is inevitable. Just look at the "gender grand canyon" that has appeared between boys and girls at school and universities. Girls now take 60% of "bacholerette" degrees and even higher percentages of masters, PHD's and MBA's. Women have worked out that the new economy needs highly qualified employees and are getting the qualifications they need to get along in life - the boys are totally failing to understand this.<br />
The female graduates are out-earning their men. Simple economics dictates that the lower earning spouse will have to give up work to take care of any children of the relationship.<br />
The post-industrial economy favours multi-tasking, communication skills and team working, which are skills more natural to women than to men. Women are gaining jobs whilst men, viewed as employers as a kind of dinosaur (impressive in some ways, but ultimately redundant), are getting laid off.<br />
It seems clear that the 21st Century is more a woman's world than a man's world. Women are poised to become the new leaders and providers for society. Men, unable to compete against women, will have to accept the subordinate role. I believe that by the turn of the next century, women in trousers will rule the public domain, whilst men will serve them in skirts in the private domain. ba<x>sed on current trends, this is inevitable. Women are rising so rapidly and men are falling so far behind - and seem to be at a loss as to what their role in society is - that it is only question of how soon women become the dominant sex and put us men into skirts - I look forward to that day.

Good for you Ms. Catherine I am glad you and your husband are happy! Finding happiness is the most valuble asset one can possess in this lonely life.

Ms. Catherine I think you are a very smart Woman and one that enjoys and demands respect! I do not know where you come from Ms. Catherine? But I sure wish a Woman like you would rescue me from my lonliness, take away my rights, and force me into a life of servitude and Female worship under her thumb!! You can only feminize your husband to be your boy? If he will go so far as to be your boy, than with just a little more effort you can feminize him to be your maid and wife! Your husband would be very priviledged to be your wife Ms. Catherine. I think Women having male "wive's" is very appropriate here in the 21st century when Females are more empowered anyway, especially in this country. My best wishes to you and your family Ms. Catherine, praise you!!

Thank you Leachera.<br />
In terms of my boys. I let things. But I taught respect for their women. And accustomed to household chores. They are at school in England. They are the only vacation.<br />
I do not transvestite. And my husband is never dressed as a woman before them. I think we have enough problems in life. To further differentiate. For my husband is different. He no longer works. The I can give free rein to my desires. I can only feminized him to be my boy ... lol

Hi Ms. Catherine love your message thanks for writing! I like the way you Feminized your husband, wish I were in his shoes, sounds exciting! As for your sons Ms. Catherine, crossdressing them in girls clothes will not necessarily affect them adversely. But it is my beleife that only certain males with some kind of genetic predisposition towards submissive behavior would become a crossdresser due to your crossdressing them. If your sons do not have this predisposition( and no parent has any way of knowing!) then they will grow up to be "normal"(whatever that is?) men. I'm working with another EP member Catherine regarding publishing a book about controlling young male behavior patterns through crossdressing/ feminization. Take care!

catherine,<br />
We are not saying turn boys into girls, but to give them a chance to explore that side of their nature.<br />
Boys as you know are TAUGHT to suppress anything feminine. They are re-enforced by other males.<br />
being told not to cry, not to let your emotions show, to be strong, to shun anything feminine. This only allows them to lead half of their nature. All humans are both, the DNA proves that with the chromosomes (genes), it is genetic. Also the mitochondria DNA outside the cell nucleus is from<br />
the mother, there is no male mitochondria DNA. Also during pregnancy, in the first trimester, the embryo is female (a girl), the male doesn't develope til the 2nd month of the pregnancy. A doctor told me this, so it must be fact.

Hello Leachera<br />
Why I feminized my husband. Good question lol. First, it is a submissive man. Secondly, no one sex very brave ,...! Tercio, I always had this idea since I was little.<br />
Some women want a man strong and virile. Other a baby boy. Etc. ..<br />
I disguise my boy girl dolls. My mom always asked me why I did that. I have two boys but I would never had the idea to dress up as a girl.<br />
But my husband also very considerate and loving. Agreed that. Although it was not his ideas. We find our balance.

I have to say i am impressed with the number of males that recognize the superiority of women. As most of you have stated it is the male and possibly the church that has suppresed the female to the level of subboardinate. We sissies have to unite behind powerful woman and push this through. I am ready to don my dress, hose, heels, and grab my purse to see it done!<br />
<br />

You know something Bobbie13, hope you'll elect me as your VP, sounds like you gotta plan, I love it!

The way to begin the turn around may not be with the fathers but with the sons. If mothers, aunts, grandmothers would start dedicating 2 days a week for gender role reversal it would be the beginning. An introduction to dolls, skirts and dresses. An introduction to the things women do for their families. The world has had enough of mens' wars and abusive ways of some.<br />
As the boy gets accustomed to the dresses or skirts the time in them to be increased from 2 days to 4 days. Soon the boys will be wearing them willingly 7 days a week. Meanwhile----------<br />
All the daughters should begin a role reversal also. To be taught that they can be CEOs, Mechanics, Plumbers. even President of the U.S..

Hi Catherine, sounds like your Husband is a lucky man to have a wife like you. Tell me please why did you decide to feminize him, I'm curious?

Hello leachera<br />
My husband is someone wonderful. It was not partisans of feminization. But very submissive. Slowly, I brought along this path.<br />
First underwear. Then skirts and dresses.<br />
He accepted, somewhat under duress of course. But now he likes.<br />
Except for leaving the house. He is always dressed as a woman. But he has no men's underwear. Apart from a men's underwear for occasions like the doctor.

True that April, don't think it'll happen in our life times, but I'd like to see it if it ever does!

I am pretty much in agreement with you about the changing roles of women and men. My feeling is , it can't happen soon enough. But I doubt it will happen in my lifetime. Nonetheless, I am personally aligned with the idea of matriarchy, and support any way that men can accept and embrace femininity within themselves, and feminine hegemony out in the wider world.

We seem to have much in common Cigy! My wife took my name but has used her maiden name for everything from credit cards to her business identity. Most people think we just live together,lol! I did'nt mean to over exagerate, but you're right just the same Cigy. Women have made progress, but more work is needed before they will be as equal as men socially, or monetarily. And like you I see it as an honor to be a woman's wife! Are we crazy, or just ahead of our times Cigy?

Good thoughts, Leachera. There can be no doubt that in some aspects the position of women in the workplace has improved. But let us not get carried away. There is still a very long way to go... But, yes! I would love to take my wife's name in her honor (she has never taken mine, which I absolutely respect). I so want to fully become her wife... wow...