I Feminized My Husband

As a teenager I had some lesbian relationships.
My husband (poulettesoumise) is a wonderful man but submitted.
Unfortunately it is not well endowed sex side.
It's more than a clitoris sex man.
It made me think of my younger years.
I run so that by feminizing.
Submitted his temperament made him accept it.
In women's clothes it is a girlfriend with me.
The beds it is soft like a girl.
It handles much better than me in the household, ...!
He no longer works, and he expects me as a woman model as I get home from work.
I am very happy like that.
(I think he too is happy)

catherinembs catherinembs
46-50, F
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i wish you would contact my wife

My wife tried that with me so I gave her a slap she knows her place now.

I want gender role reversal married life. But it is difficult to find woman that i needed. i really started getting frustrated. Even in this so called 21st century woman still want man to take control and charge. Instead of choosing nice, kind and gentle guy, they looks for money no matter what the man's back ground is.

I would love to be someones live in girlfriend. I am a man who loves to dress as a female. I want to be dominated and stay home to do chores. And go shopping and clubbing with the girls at night

So you have destroyed a man just to have all your wants and need?
Disgusting and revolting!

As a male "wife, ish" I do the domestic duties. Its never as clean as is required but I am learning. Ive never been so content as.i am now being the house hubby...

You wonder if he is happy?
From my reading he is very happy indeed.
I think you are dealing with him correctly.

he wears women's clothes 24/7?

No. Only at home.

I wish someone would feminize me

If he doesn't have dinner ready when you get home, is he in for a spanking?

I also like to get fem structure.

Have you a new lover and what does your lover think of your situation ... Does the new lover fear the same fate as your husband ???

well good for you cathy/ I think more women should be in charge these days men are more fem and the ladys have good jobs. so enjoy your little dicked sissy man

Have you got some one you see for the sex side ! I would say it's pay back time for you.

I to am on AVODART 0.5MG been on it just over a year now I find it difficult to get an erection and my ***** as all but gone it is like water if there is any I have not been given any casodex but would take it if it help me, <br />
My wife as had lover's in the past and I see no problem with her having them now why should she lose out on my account,<br />
if there is any one that can had to this who may have been on it longer please gein touchch my breast have got slightly bigger but I have also but some pound on don;t know if it is the med's I also have heart trouble.

Congradulation for your way of thinking, all new woMEN should be on AVODART 0.5MG and get a lover like your wife.

what else do you do with him? If you make a woman of him, surely you must **** him like a woman?

if you are a really woMEN then yes do get ******, penetrated, ect.... call it what u wish.

I really like this kind of stories and I whole heartedly hope it's a real life experience. I hope there would more of this life style<br />
<br />
J'ai vraiment aime cette histoire, et j'espere quel est un vrai experience de vie. J'aimerais en voir plus de gens vivant ce style de vie.<br />
<br />
Me too, it turns me on to see feMENised feMALES.

lots of women like us femmes

What a cucky husband, and I do hope he knows there are others that desire his lifestyle.

Destiny seems to make the appropriate arrangements. Happiness to both of you.

He sounds very happy and is lucky to have you.

Go ahead by a prone for him and short skirts, ask him too take some fem hormones then you`ll have real submissive one

I found out from my mother that her sister's husband (who lives way out in California) got prostate cancer and was treated with hormones for it. You may be interested in the procedure they used. First they chemically castrated him to stop his testosterone (with CASODEX and Avodart for a year, after which his "package" was permanently non-functional at making sperms, or testosterone). At the same time they kept the cancer from coming back with Estrdiol (like in birth control pills for women). He has had to keep taking the estrogen, and to reduce the dose for heart health they removed his testes. The result is that he now has breasts, smooth hairless skin, a nice round bum, shapely hips, feminine thighs and legs, and is very feminine in his realtionship, being docile and very kind to my aunt, helping around the house, doing the washing, shopping for her, etc. She has told my Mom that they have experimented a little with him wearing female things, since he now needs a bra for his breasts, and panties fit him well now that is only a tiny shrunken thing down there, no little bag at all, and he has come to like it a lot, as has my aunt. She used to have a hard time with him, as he used to be ver inconsiderate and even used to cheat on her. Now he is nice as pie, and of course he can never cheat again.

That is Wonderful. More "Problem" Men should be "Medicated" to attain this Wonderful Result!!

Sounds wonderful, so when can we dio this to the new feMALES, hihihihi

patti you take the words right otu of my mouth

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I would kiss your feet if you were my women. Love U<br />
<br />