Female On Top

I'm not talking about the sexual position but the dominant role within marriage.

I don't care too much for a sissy husband as I give him little regard in sexual terms but I know the best marriages are where the woman is on top and the husband accepts his diminished position without question.
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LickitTsplit, might i suggest a relationship style that appears to be more in line with what you wish for, is what's called, either Female Led Relationship (FLR) or Loving Female Led Relationship. I have experience with this. There are four levels of FLR, from where she's simply making the key decisions and he's just as masculine as he ever was, up to level four, where she's in complete control and he's reduced to what you would call a sissy. It's become common in the other industrialized nations of the world and growing here in the U.S. In the true sense of the relationship, that is practiced through out the world, there is absolutely no bdsm involved in either levels one through three. With decisions, myself, i'm more analytical and shy away from making quick decisions. She on the other hand has proven to me, that she can make very good quick decisions, thus i encourage her to make most of our decisions, something that she enjoys doing. She does ask my opinion, yet i give her final say. I'm just as masculine as ever, such as in level one, yet i do enjoy pleasing her submissively and she enjoys this too, yet it's something that i volunteer, as opposed to being told to do, thus in our relationship, the empowerment to her is not complete and I'd suggest that we're in level two. She still wanted me to be a man intimately, yet she wanted to lead, for which i enjoy this too.

i love to serve

FF I don't care what he thinks, I run our family.<br />
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If you bring this up while she already treats you badly then she'll just treat you like you deserve and aspire to. All you can do is confess you enjoy it and ask her to do it more openly.

As for the team effort; she makes the decisions and I agree they are the right ones. Even better than working for a boss. Then, I may want to drag my feet carrying out her decisions. This way I best put everything into making her decisions work! Some team, huh?

Thanks, for me once bitten twice shy! I never make the same mistake!

Again NudeyDudey I'll remind you I took control of him over 30 years ago and haven't let go since.<br />
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I was stupid enough as a teenager to fall in love with an alpha male who made me miserable. Once I got over him I swore I'd never let another man treat me like that and that I was going to marry a man I could control 100% and cuckold him at my pleasure.

Fanny do you know in the UK that is what they also call *******? So are you an *** farmer or a **** farmer?<br />
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I think your wife gives you too much say and control. A marriage isn't a team effort, it works best when the husband serves his wife in the same way he would an employer. A boss doesn't think of her subordinates as team mates, they may think that of themselves but to her they are their to do as he needs them to.<br />
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I think you'd find a whole new world of of sexual excitement if your wife really took control and you had no say in her sex life and she just let you have the crumbs that a ****** like you needs to get off.

AGREED! In my own marriage, we seemed to fight all the time, until she took control. Now, we are more like a team working for the same goal. She makes much better decisions and is on the way to getting us out of debt.