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In the 1800s boys were allowed to wear dress right here in America. The dress were just like the girls dresses, some evne came with hair ribbons for the boys. This was available up until the 1930s but had already began to wane. These were available by mail order just as we have on-line shopping today. There are pictures of Presidents F. D. Roosevelt and Gerald Ford in dresses, there are pictures of President Theodore Roosevelt on the White House lawn with his family, his son is wearing a dress for boys from that period. Imagine all these boys here in America wearing these items of apparel. During the change over to pants this is when the Lord Flaunteroy Suits came out, Talk about looking like a sissy!! I'm sure the boys would have preferred to keep the dresses then to be seen in that suit. They even showed BUTCH in the "Little Rascals" wearing one in an episode. They had little velvet shorts, a white shirt, a short velvet jacket, knee socks and buster brown shoes. The jackets had a wide white collar trimmed in lace and the cuffs on the sleeves were like french cuffs also trimmed in lace. Yet all of these boys did not grow up to be gay, probably some did but that is genetic. They grew up, married and had kids of their own.
Today there is some movement once again to allow boys to wear dresses but not here in America. We always are a little behind the rest of the world. In parts of Europe, India, Japan, China and various other countries the stores are selling skirts and dresses designed with boys in mind. Although they are not called dresses by the locals, they are an unbifurgated garment. It is the old adage if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck its' a duck, a dress is a dress, a skirt is a skirt. These dresses are not in frilly girlish patterns but in bold colors usually worn by the worlds male populace. Some schools such as in Switzerland allow the boys to wear Jumpers to school, the Japanese a skirt can be worn. In Scotland a kilted garment can be worn to school and similarly in Great Britain. Yet if you bring it up here in America, the parents scream bloody murder that this will turn their sons into a QUEER, a ****** or some other misgotten label. The boys in these countries act just as boys there, they play, ride their bikes, hang out with the friends and other things. Have we forgotten our own past when boys did wear dresses, maybe it is altzheimers of some sort. How did such a progressive country like the United States slip back into the victorian ages. YET WE HAVE !!
Melodie13 Melodie13 61-65, M 2 Responses Feb 11, 2011

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Among Women today there is still the what's called girly girls that still want and wear very feminine clothing and yes there are those women that want no part of it ( I almost Married one). I've overheard many conversations on the subject.<br />
But here's the thing when Women wanted out of the Domestic and dress as they feel like it mood. They openly burned there bras mad ethe statement and stuck to it. Males are afraid to follow suit of Women for the reason as I can see it the big label. Most Women today respect a male that openly makes the statement as long as they are not embarassing Femininty. But enhancing it, I have many women friends more so then male I've openly shown my Femiine side and I'm in certain places and situations where I'm excepted and respected.

I have found that in general women will and do accept males wearing skirts. They still want the men to behave and act as men. Unfortunately some males put on these false impressions of what is femme and are not taken seriously.

The point here is America is in DENIAL. In the home economics classes today they discuss fashions throughout our history yet never is it mentioned that boys used to also wear dresses. Isn't it amazing how we manage to lose 100 years of this history. Even in the illustrated history books it is not shown, except for the Flaunteroy suit. America hides behind it's victorian principals even moreso today. In my questions I have posed here you wouldn't believe some of the stupid answers to a simple question, one idiot actually stated clothing makes you gay, how assinine.