Part 4

Have you ever tried to change habits, or living conditions? Try an experiment! Change the way you either put your socks on or your pants. If you do the right first try doing the left first, you'll soon find out how different things can be. The same holds true for climbing over the top rail of that fence where the grass looks greener!!!???!!! Not an easy thing I assure you.
I was sitting at my vanity this morning and while I looked in the mirror I couldn't help but think about how my life has changed. Meeting Charlie and going through the first stages of our relationship and how it was back in the 90's when I attempted the same thing. Society is so much more open in there thinking and I might add nicer. That old lifestyle is now history Charlie and I are now together full time, the big move took place on the 1st. Surprisingly my new neighbors are really nice to me, where as back in the 90's I would get that glare. You know the look!! The thoughts they were having was soooo transparent you could see right into there minds. I'm even invited over a little later this morning for coffee, once we get the guys out the door for work. This is truly a first!!! But Charlie warned me about answering to many personal questions (She's forever the Retired Military Officer). At first I was taken back by that comment and then realized she's right once more.
I think being excepted by just one person is a big and huge change in my living conditions. It will take getting use too believe me!! Another big change is putting on the old Bravo trying to fit in to a lifestyle you don't belong any longer, I mean how can you fit in when your picture ID says your name is joan. I mean its like the Johnny Cash song ( A Boy Named Sue). When I lost Tom I also was lost and for more reasons then just losing someone, I had to revert back in the male bravo with the name change of Joan ( legally changed if you'll remember). It was a very hard time in my life and I know whats its like to be discrimated against two words discribe it NOT NICE!!
I must end for today another change is taking place in about a half an hour. Making breakfast for your SO and getting her out the door for work. So in ending try the easy changes first if you eat with your right hand change to the left, if you put your right in your pants first do the left. Lastly make small subtle changes to your appearance to feminine you'll notice a change after awhile in people and how they view you.
jfjoanie174 jfjoanie174
Mar 5, 2012