Sex With Aunty

One of our family freinds aunty nieghbour who was very close to us .we use to visit each other as family members. Aunty had a daughter aged 19 when i was 13. Aunty would always come to our house and caht with my mother. she was tall well built with huge buttocks. they were bouncing while she walked as she always wore very tight saree. So whenever i use to see her back i was always excited. So one day i went to their home & knocked aunty opened the door .I saw her in transparent nighty upto thighs . She was wearing blue panty & no bra. suddenly she lied on the bed & asked me to apply oil on her back for which she lifted her nighty without any hesitaion . I started massaging her back with my eyes on her buttocks under blue panty she started moving her hips up & into the bed. I lost control & pulled her panty down & started figerring her ***. she did not resist . she was excited & started fondling my **** with one hand and asked me to enter her *** which i did with a thrust .she moaned I was playing with hers hips while moving my **** in & out . suddenly she turned & took my **** into her mouth . I noticed her daughter watching from the window & smiling at me. I released in aunty's mouth. She hughed me & kept licking me for sometime. she noticed her daughter watching us but did not utter anything . when I was leaving her daughter was smiling as if telling me thanks for ******* my mom.try me next time

ravimehta ravimehta
1 Response Mar 10, 2009

sounds fun