I Miss Myself

i was so strong one time i did what i wanted an was happy .......but with all my problems now just wont my old life back i wanna be happy my kids are grown now but somehow i cant move on ....its like im stuck im 45 but feel much older ..............................any advice ...i just feel like im stuck in this house
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41-45, F
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

G'day, I, too, was stuck in the house. But with a bit of determination I want for a walk one day, real early. No one about, I thought, should be OK. There were many people,young and old, mostly walking on their own. All walking the sameway except myself. I was going against the flow. What it did for me and some of them is that it made us/me speak to them or each other. Every one had their own mode of dress, shaven or not, tracksuits or T shirts and shorts, slacks, blouse and full makeup. It did not matter most were out to be on their own, some to keep fit and others because they had nothing else to do.Contact started with a nod or a curt Hello. Eventually these contacts became regular, people got easier to talk to then to short chats eventually some confidence returns and I found that realy all I had to say was G'day and smile. The greeting was generally returned as was the smile. That made me feel better about the world. All it takes is walk,say G'day and smile. The hardest step of course, is the first one. Give it a go and good Luck!

That is where the problem really is, stuck in the house. Are you waiting for someone to take you out, or someone to go with you? Plan a summer day out and take someone with you. If that does not happen, then do it by yourself. You will be surprise how many people 45 are having fun.