It was two years ago at a work party. My wife and i were getting pretty shoshed and i mentioned that i would love to see her $#$% another man. She laughed and we kept on drinking. Well a lil later in the evening my co worker and boss came over to us and were just makeing chit chat when my wife asked my boss to dance. No big all good i thought, until my boss waived my friend and co worker out to dance with them. They were gettin it on on the floor. My bosses hand was up my wifes skirt my friend had his head in her chest and she was grabbing both of their crotches.
Well this went on for a few songs and and a lot more drinks. I had to go to the restroom and when i came back my boss, friend and wife were gone. I looked around and didnt see them figured they went for a smoke. Well 2 hours later is was pissed and decided to my room. When i opened the door i saw my wife on all fours sucking my bosses %$^$ and getting pounded from my friend dog style only there was a guy under my wife that i didnt know and two others standing next to them. Turns out my boss and friend as well as 4 other guys i worked with were all pounding away at my wife. I was pissed and walked out. To this day she dont know that i saw her WTF
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well kinda turned me on i guess we all were turned on actually but yes i did kind of get a warm fuzzy feeling

Did the site of that turn u on or repulse u ? As long as my wife came back to me and wanted to b with me when she was done it would turn me on .