I so would love to share spy pics of my posh fat titted wife and hear what you would do with her, i beg you to humiliate degrade use abuse do anything you please to her especally love public humiliation and degrading ..... she is such a prude and would freak if anyone ever saw her in her underwear never mind her gaping wide slit and bare saggy titss heres a spy shot of her let me know what nastyness you could unleash on her.
Muddyben Muddyben
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Send some pictures and I'll give some thought to the degrading technique.

I think that a gentle arse **** before finishing with a blow job is required here.

Love to jack off all over her titts

she's got some good heavy-hangers, i'll give you that, but she's a pig. she's meat. i'd like to suspend her upside down, put on the boxing gloves and giver a punching - bag workout. speed drills on her **** and heavy bag on her fat, bloated torso.

Well first we must put her on a diet.
The **** look good and perhaps we should consider getting her in a position to be milked. What we can see of the *****'s legs also look good, but could do with being a little slimmer, no view of the arse, but I believe it will be spankable grade 1.
I feel her three holes, both hands, arm pits, *** cleavage and feet should be ******, the ***** could be cleaned up by her gathering it with her fingers and licking her fingers clean. This procedure of spank/whipping followed by gang **** should be instigated ASAP and continued until she is 'run in' and ready to accept her station. It should only require an occasional 'gang servicing' to maintain the ***** at **** level.

I would eat that ***** doggy style and the blow air in to make her quief then laugh at her and bend her *** back over and slam my **** in her *** balls deep.

Can I just stop by and dump my load in her mouth and make her gag then t-bag her forehead wile she tries to catch her breath. Lol, I have a group of friend s that can join me in slapping my hairy nuts on her chin.

btw, everybody. i've seen her face - muddy used to have it posted - and she really IS ******* ugly. she didn't used to be so bad, though never a beauty, but now she's ugly and fat and should be beaten and fist ****** and humiliated by all.

such a beast. why do these ***** think it's okay to get fat and ugly and still expect to be treated as anything other than rapemeat?

Use those **** as a punching bag and that face as a toilet.

Ugly fat ******* don't need no love, just punishment for getting fat. She needs the fork slapped outta her had and a **** put in her mouth so she can't eat and might shrink down into something useful to a man.

******* great idea bully. love ur style. If ur on YIM add me an I will share proper pics. Same name as here

Would love to slide my **** in between her sweet ******* and into her waiting mouth!
Would also love to see more pics! Add me?

Yum Yum

Oh How about we tie her up by those udders blindfolded and naked, on her knees with her *** spread wide to a fencepost by the roadside and write "free for all" on her back with an arrow pointing towards her ***? Is that a good start after a few visitors payed her some tribute I'm sure she won't be so modest any more. After a few hours in the sun I bet she'll be begin them to feed her something as well and then let's see what she'll get.