Up Wifes Skirt

When we were in Spain my wife was wearing a very short, beach dress. A very very small G string that must have gone up inside her it was so small. As we went through a store she looked at some shoes. The male shop assistant in his 20's asked in broken English if he could help, she said no, I said oh go on try them on. She sat and he got down in front of her with the shoes and helped them on here. As she moved her legs they opened nicely and he had a great view right up. To prolong it I picked out several other pairs of shoes and left her with him. I knew if I wasn't around she would show more. I stood looking at other shoes but was really able to see over the where they were. Her legs were wide open and he was looking right up her skirt and could see where the G string was cutting into her pink slit.
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So erotic

Hey thanks for sharing. My wife too will not admit but does let guys seemingly accidently see up her skirt!!!

Love that very hot!!

I would love to look up your wifes short skirt to see her panties and ********** on them.do you have any pics of her to share ?

I like women like your wife who give us horny guys "accidental" looks up their skirts. I'm sure they enjoy the power of turning men on !

Fun times! Now if all shopping with the wife was like that I wouldn't mind going along!

I will show you up my wife's skirt if I can see up yours. add me to your circle and / or email me at pwitchowsky@yahoo.com i also have some great upskirts of friends, relatives, co-workers, and strangers that I have taken.

would love to see your sexy wife pix, have also added you

wow...thats lovely..i love to see when any lady shows like that..it gives a pleasure..and erection..

I know how much she enjoys doing things like that even if she will no longer admit it to me. So I do as much as I can to find ways where she can show. I see her in lots of places sitting in such a way that someone can see up her skirt. It is always done in such a way that it looks like she doesn't realise but I know she does and I love it when I know someone is able to see right up to her G String or her bare *****. <br />
I have a couple of pictures showing the sort of thing she wears and if you want to see it add me to your Yahoo and IM me.................. Tony_w90@yahoo.com

She lets so may see up her skirt but doesn't know that I see her or like what she does.