Debauchment Of Diana

This full length story was actually written by a friend of mine I met here at EP who is an admirer of my wife Diana. I gave him some ideas of what we like, and then Bill wrote the rest.  It is one of my all time favorites!  Very naughty and very hot!  If you have similar experiences to mine here at EP - you will like!  Hope you enjoy.
- Darker David

The Debauchment of Diana
by Bill

    She had honey blond hair and a face like an angel; slender, long excellently shaped legs, beautiful eyes and lips that begged to be kissed.  Her husband had posted some pics of her online, and a bit of a video. Nothing too revealing, just enough to show her as a classy, elegant woman, so very sexy, the kind that you think of when you fantasize about a sexy librarian. 

She was around 5’6”, slender, and if I weren’t badly mistaken, she had a deep fantasy life, one that needed to be fulfilled.  They say every dog finds a bone once in awhile, and this dog was about to find his.  Old sailors like me don’t get a chance like this very often, and I was looking forward to it. They were flying into Dayton late afternoon on Friday, and I was going to meet them at a hotel.  My **** was hard just thinking about it.
    Her husband David and I had been talking about this for months. We’d picked out her clothing, a special remote control vibrator (an egg type that would fit inside her) and even the shade of her lipstick and nail polish, a bright red, that set off her fingers, toes and lips.    It was early fall, a hurricane was about to blow into their area, and he had convinced her they should go to Ohio to wait it out. While there they’d visit some museums, hit some of the Hopewell and Adena sites, and enjoy themselves for a week or so.  He had also told her a “buddy” of his (and his wife, which allayed her suspicions) would take them around.  All true, that was the plan, I had taken vacation time to do this. What he didn’t tell her was the rest of the plan.  I was to seduce her, break her defenses down in any way I could, and release the hidden temptress inside her.  Anything, any tactic, was allowed, except physical pain, which was fine by me.  If a man has to use pain to break a woman, he doesn’t know what he is doing.  Women are vessels of pleasure, and the more you give them, the more they give back. A man could, if he is good, enjoy two or possibly even three women in a night, and be sated. A woman can take five or six or more men and/or women, if she is properly conditioned.  My instincts told me Diana was such a woman, a rare beauty of a woman, with a voracious sexual appetite inside, a raging fire, simply waiting to be lit.
     We had taken adjoining rooms in the hotel, selected partly because the adjoining rooms had connecting doors between them, and partly due to the nightclub on site. This evening it had a blues band, playing a good mixture of songs, including some slow, sexy bump and grinds that should heat things up.  I saw them from across the bar as they came in.  David was dressed semi -casually, neat, well groomed. Diana was stunning, I felt my mouth go dry and my heart begin to race as I looked at her. She had on a gray dress, not too short, not too long. She was wearing a nice set of black, open heels, real CFMP’s (Comefuckmepumps) that set off her long smooth legs and pretty feet. She had on a pair of pantyhose, sheer and a suntan color, with a reinforced heel and toe.  I’d asked Dave to arrange something like that, and he came through beautifully. If he managed everything else, she had on no underwear, and the “egg” was stuffed up deep in her tight little ****. I couldn’t tell if Diana was wearing a bra, or simply a very delicate one initially. She was showing some cleavage, her breasts like sun ripened fruit, waiting to be picked and eaten, slowly devoured and savored.   I went over and greeted them, shaking hands, and trying not to openly undress Diana with my eyes, as so many of the other men in the bar were doing.  I could tell she was a bit nervous, but at the same time she was enjoying the looks of lust the men, (and a couple of women) were giving her.  Moments after we sat down, their drinks arrived.  David had told me their favorites, and I’d given a generous tip to the bartender to keep her well supplied with them, specially made. David’s and mine were also specially made, but inversely to hers. I’d instructed the bartender to have ours strong for the first three, then taper off to where we got much less booze in them. Diana’s were strong from the beginning, and stayed that way.
    We talked about the local sites to visit, the Air Force Museum was only a few miles away, and we would start there. Then we could change hotels over the weekend, and start visiting some of Ohio’s Archaeological treasures, such as Serpent Mound, Fort Ancient, and possibly do some canoeing.  We decided to take in the AF Museum in the morning or afternoon, then move on to Wilmington and another hotel. That would put us closer to where we needed to travel. It also moved us closer to my little buxom blond wife, who also had no real clue of the plans for her.  I mentally rubbed my hands together, laughing inside in a villainous fashion, like a lecherous Simon Legree.
    I asked Diana to dance, a quick number, which let me swing her around a bit, and still grab on and hold her too.  Dave took his turns with her, and soon she was perspiring lightly, and a bit out of breath. My God she felt good in my arms…..  We had just finished a dance when a slow tune came up, one where I could pull her tightly to me, and I did. It was hard to keep from getting a full erection there on the dancefloor, I didn’t want to tip our hand too soon.  The dance ended and I kissed her lightly on the cheek, thanking her for the dance.  We headed back towards our table, but were intercepted by a Japanese gentlemen, who begged Diana for a dance. The music had already started, she wasn’t sure but he was insistent, I told her to go ahead, and she did.
    I sat down, and moved over towards David. I asked if she was wearing the egg, and he said she was. He hadn’t turned it on yet, and though we thought it might be a bit far off (not being certain of the distance it would work) he turned it on low.  The dance wasn’t a slow one, but another bump and grind type, and the guy with Diana knew how to move. We could both see the look on her face change as the vibrations built within her, and she looked towards David with a pleading look.  He simply smiled at her.    The dance ended, and Diana came over and said she needed to get some air.  I rose as she left, not willing to let such a treasure get out of site, and to make sure she got back to us. The Japanese guy and his buddy were both talking animatedly and watching her.
    I caught up to her just after she got out of the bar, and we walked together out of the lobby into the night air. It was still a hot, sultry summery night, and did little to cool us off. Still, it was enough when the breeze blew to stiffen her nipples. David hadn’t turned the egg off! I could tell she was close to an ******, but didn’t want to let me know what was going on.  I tried to act as if I didn’t know what was happening, moving closer to her and continuing to talk. I was telling her how lovely she was, and how lucky David was to have her, when David turned up the speed on the egg.  Her eyes began to squint and shut, and I knew she was *******. As we were in an area that wasn’t well lit, I pulled her to me, my hands gripping her round hips, my right leg thrust between her legs, my mouth over hers. I kissed her deeply, our tongues dancing across each other as she whimpered and squirmed.  When the kiss broke, she tried to pull away, but I held onto her, moving her hips back and forth across my thigh. Her arms went around my neck, she whimpered in her pleasure as another ****** shook her.   About then David turned the speed way down, and she gradually recovered some of her composure.  She was a bit unsteady on her feet from all the alcohol, but I got her back to the table, my arm around her slender waist.  I knew my erection was visible, I knew she had felt it, and knew she was becoming turned on by the effect she was having on me and the other men there.  There were a couple of younger men and women there, but mostly it was an over forty crowd, with a few more men than women.  The two Japanese men were amongst those with no dates.
    She needed to go to the ladies room, and David went with her. She wanted to take the egg out, David refused to let her, telling her “We are not even in our own state, and no one will know what we do here. Enjoy yourself!” but he did promise to keep it turned down.  Just after they returned, the two Japanese men came over. The first, Mr. Takizawa, was in his late fifties, silver haired, still in good shape, especially for his age. The other was Mr. Kurosawa, (no relation to the famous director), and he was in his mid forties, with a bit of a paunch, and balding.   We all squeezed into the booth, a nice round one with a tablecloth covered table in the center.  The shape let us keep a lot of privacy as to what was going on under the table….
      Kurosawa san was sitting next to the floor, inboard of him was Takizawa san, then David, Diana, then myself.  Takizawa and Kurosawa were senior management for a Japanese company, and here on business all week.  We made small talk, discussed this and that until the band came back. This allowed Diana to catch her breath.  When the music started again, David and Diana sat it out, while the others of us asked some other women to dance.  We all had a couple of numbers, and when we returned, I was again next to Diana, but this time Takizawa was on her other side. David had chosen a strategic moment to head to the bathroom.  While we sat out the next couple of songs, I casually slid my hand over Diana’s nylon covered thigh. It was done discretely, so no one else would really notice it, but Takizawa, sly dog that he was, did. Diana was trying to keep from openly pushing it away, as that would have drawn attention to the actions.  I continued to caress her silken, nylon covered leg, until David returned. 
   At that point, another song was starting, and Takizawa (Kurosawa was more than a little tipsy) grabbed Diana and pulled her towards the dance floor. It was another slow, sexy bump and grind. David handed me the controller. HE had promised he wouldn’t increase the speed, he hadn’t promised he wouldn’t let me.  I slowly dialed the speed up, watching Diana as she fought against what was happening.  Her inhibitions were being slowly eroded, after having four men dancing with her, pulling her close where their engorged ***** could be felt.  The drinks had taken hold nicely, and her resistance was crumbling. As the saying goes, “Resistance is futile”.  I dialed it up and down while they danced, and then, seeing the song was nearing its end, I dialed it up all the way. We could see her face contort as he pulled her tightly onto his thigh, his hands grasping her hips, the hips that were now unconsciously pumping and swiveling in time to the music, grinding against him, his hard **** against her soft belly.  She clung to him for a moment as the song ended, he kissed her there on the dance floor.  As they walked back to the table I could see a wet spot on the leg of his slacks where she had ***. a slight smile on his face, a dazed look on hers. Diana left for the ladies room again, and Dave followed. This gave me time to talk to the other two, time we spent well.
    When Diana and David returned, it was time to say goodnight. We all did so, the other men giving Diana a short kiss, although Kurosawa’s lingered quite a bit.  We all sauntered towards the elevator, and got on together, not having realized initially that we all had rooms on the upper floors. Ours was one above theirs, on the sixth floor.  David was doing a good imitation of being drunk, Diana wasn’t faking it, she wasn’t drunk but she had realllllly good buzz on. We all crammed into the elevator, and David pulled Diana to him and began giving her a deep, passionate kiss. When he broke it, he spun her around, pulling her arms behind her back, holding her with one hand and causing her to thrust her chest out, he then unsnapped her bra, looked at me and smiled.  Diana was a bit dazed still, and I stepped forward kissing her as I undid the buttons on her gray dress. My hands found her delicate breasts, I cupped them in my hands as I kissed her, she began to struggle a bit, but David was holding her firmly, now using both hands as he pulled her against his hard ****. I broke the kiss, and began to gently tweak and pull on her nipples. They were gorgeous, her small areole surmounted by stiffening eraser like nipples. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife.   Takizawa stepped forward as I stepped back to let them see her, Diana beginning to mouth “No” but failing to get it out before his mouth covered hers. Kurosawa was beside him, both of them mauling her breasts and kissing them and her mouth. I energized the egg, turning it to low, quickly turning it higher. We passed her between us on the way up, the others even availing themselves of a quick feel of her wet *****, fingering it through the sheer pantyhose. She came on Kurosawa’s hand, shuddering and clutching Takizawa’s shoulders as he kissed her and his friend massaged her ****.  She cried out, a whimpering moan of pleasure, rising to a near scream, her breath coming in short gasps, “uh, uh, uhng ahhhhh GOD!”.
   The elevator stopped at the fifth floor (we had actually stopped it for a couple minutes in between floors) and we got off, leaving the others to go to their room on the next floor.
   We entered their (David and Diana’s) room, I opened up the doorway to mine.  Earlier I had done some minor modifications to my bed, using a cordless drill to install five small brass cleats (such as you would use to moor a small boat) to the corners of the bed, with another in the center of the headboard.  They were small, and quite discrete, so I could remove them tomorrow before I left and no one would be the wiser. Small as they were, I knew they were still strong enough to hold a petite woman like Diana, no matter how much she struggled.   Diana went to the bathroom, probably to remove the egg I thought. David set up his camcorder, and turned on the remote set in my room. He then lay on the bed, and feigned a drunken sleep.
    I went to my room until I heard Diana come out of the bathroom, then went over and asked her to come over and look at the view. She wasn’t too certain of it, but finally relented, and came over. We went out onto the balcony, looking at the cities lights, the plane doing night landings on the AF base, taking in the sights while cooling off. I handed her a cold soda, figuring she needed to rehydrate before the rest of the plan unfolded.  I stood beside her, then slipped behind her and put my arms around her. She had refastened the bra, and began objecting as my hands slipped across her covered breasts.  “No, don’t do that. I can’t, David is sleeping in the other room”  I kept it up, sliding my hands over the sweet mounds of flesh beneath the dress, squeezing them gently as I kissed her shoulders and neck. She struggled, fighting both me and herself, as I pulled her arms behind her, holding her with one hand as I undid her buttons again.  The dress slipped off her shoulders, the tanned white flesh glowing in the dark.  “NO” she said, I replied by continuing my assault of her breasts, then stopped.  I reached into my pocket and withdrew a silk scarf, with a pre-tied knot in it. I slipped it over one hand, pulled her wrists together, and wrapped the scarf around them, then between her wrists, a quick, easy way of subduing her.   I pulled her inside,  took another scarf from beneath the pillow on the bed, and blindfolded her.  Another scarf and she was gagged, and the last buttons were undone.
   I sat in a chair, pulling her onto my lap. “Your beautiful you know that? And you’re a cocktease. You shouldn’t tease men Diana, and then decide to not follow through. You could get into trouble that way, sort of like you’re in now.”   I had been inhaling the scent of her perfume all night long, it was incredible. Now I had her here, on my lap, squirming as I pulled the bra down exposing her breasts completely. I pushed the material of her dress higher, exposing her sex beneath the material of the pantyhose, and began cupping her ***** in my hand.  Slowly, gently, I massaged and caressed it, rubbing it, pushing the heel of my hand in above her mons while my fingers slid down the length of her slit.  There’s a nerve center just above the pubic bone, a very sensitive place, and I was working it and her **** at the same time.
  All the time I was kissing her graceful neck, those glorious shoulders, letting my hands wander over her ripe female form.  “You know what’s going to happen to you now? I’m going to tease you some more, tease you until your ready, and them I’m going to take you Diana.  I’m going to rape long, deep, sweet kisses from your mouth, I’m going to take you in every position I can, in every opening in your body, over and over and over again, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.  You can struggle, you can fight it, it doesn’t matter. I’m going to take you, I’m going to build that fire of passion you have burning deep down in your belly, and I’m going to make you *** until your sore from it. I’m going to teach you what it really means to be a woman, teach you how good it feels, and how much you can enjoy it”
   Loosening the gag, I slid it down and nibbled at her lips, holding her face in my hands, then forced her mouth open as I kissed her deeply.  I glanced to the doorway between the rooms, David stood there, holding a camcorder with one hand, rubbing his **** through his pants with the other.   I slid from beneath her and knelt on the floor in front of her. I pulled her legs towards me, so that her hips were on the edge of the seat, her back resting on the back of the chair.  Pulling the filmy pantyhose upward, I watched as her **** lips were outlined by the material. Swollen and puffy, engorged, wet, and she hadn’t even been penetrated yet.  My finger poked a hole through the material, and I ripped it open, exposing her pink labia to view.  I forced her legs wider apart, and began to slowly, lightly lick around the edges of her ****, down the outer lips, then the inner, over and over again. Gradually I made the kisses and licking stronger, finally pushing my tongue inside her wet sex as she squirmed on the seat. I held her legs with my arms, occasionally reaching up to tweak her delightful nipples.  She was breathing harder now, and I began to concentrate on her **** while stroking her legs, reveling in the sensation of her warm, soft nylon encased flesh beneath my hands.  I slipped my fingers under the soles of her feet, then over her heels, up her perfectly formed ankles and up her calves to her thighs.  I stopped licking for a moment, and began blowing lightly on her ****. She moaned with frustration, and began thrusting her hips forward, trying to find my tongue again.  Reaching up, I removed her gag.
“Do you want to *** Diana?”
“Mmmm, yes” she whispered.
“I’m not so sure you do. I think I will have to have you prove you are ready to ***. Are you going to do what I tell you to?”
“Yes” she breathed. Her breath was coming in shallow, short gasps as she neared ******, only to be pulled back as I teased her, never quite letting her get there.  I stood and quickly moved to the bed, retrieving a vibrator Dave had supplied.  Kneeling in front of her again, I turned it on low and began slowly running it up the inside of her thigh.  She was whimpering and mewling, the pleasure building and fading, frustrating her need.
  “Do you want me to **** you with this? Do you want me to **** you? Say **** me.”
“**** me.”
“Say it again, and keep saying it.”
 Oh God, oh …. **** me, **** me **** me” She said it softly but with passion, she was getting very close to where I wanted her.
  “Now say “Please” with it, say Please **** me” and keep saying it.
“**** me, please, please **** me **** me, please” She kept repeating it over and over, just as I’d wanted.  There are two scents from a woman, each different, each unique, each powerful and intoxicating.  There are lesser scents, such as from her perfume, her hair, possibly even her skin. But the most potent is that of her sex, and Diana’s was rich and sweet.  The other scent was that of a woman’s legs and feet after she has worn nylons or pantyhose for hours. The nylon fabric reacts with her body heat, combines with the leather smell from her shoes, and is heady stuff. Put the two together and its an incredibly erotic mix.  I was engulfed in all of them, kneeling in front of her. And I loved it.
    I started sucking on her ****, at the same time I pushed the tip of the vibrator in her, penetrating her lips, still teasing her, bringing her close again. All the while she kept up the mantra, “**** me, please, please **** me”, begging, pleading for release.  She soon neared climax again, and as my tongue stroked her ****, I pushed the vibrator deep inside her, ******* her with it, in and out, in and out, until she began crying out and trembling.  It was a deep, long ******, stronger than those she had had earlier.   As she came down from it, I began unbuckling her shoes, taking first one foot and then the other and kissing them. Starting from her heel, working along the outside edge of her delicate foot, across the long, elegant toes tipped with red nail polish, my mouth savored her foot. Then down to the instep, sliding my tongue across the sole, then to the other foot to repeat it.   Timing means a lot in sex, you can’t let the woman cool down too much to keep her going. Once you’ve gotten the first ****** out of her, you can keep her going almost indefinetly  if you time it correctly.  It wasn’t taking much effort on my part, Diana was well on the way to completely loosing control.  She was tied, helpless and practically naked, and was being ravished in front of her husband, although she didn’t yet know that. I slid her shoes back on her, wanting to see her standing in them again later.
   My **** was throbbing by now, having been denied too long. I slipped a ribbed condom on, stood up, and pulled her legs over my shoulders.  This position exposed her naked sex, and I began rubbing the turgid head of my **** across the lips of her ****.  She was moaning softly again, and I told her “Beg for it ****, beg to be ****** like the little **** you are” and I slipped the head into her tight passage. I had barely penetrated her, and I ****** her slowly, only using the head of my ****. She was rapidly heating up, obviously needing more, but stubbornly still not quite ready to beg.  I grabbed the vibrator again, slowed down a bit and lubed it up. Turning it on high, I slid it between the cheeks of her round ***. It wasn’t in her, but she couldn’t escape its vibrations either, trapped between the chair and her ***.  I gave her a couple more inches, varying the depth of penetration and the direction.  Her sex was hot, steamy, wet, needy and greedy for **** meat. It grasped at my manhood every time I pulled it outward, then grasped me when I stroked in.
    David had moved over closer, getting a good close up of my **** violating his wife. 
“Say it Diana, beg for it or I wont let you ***” I told her.
She mumbled something, trying, still, not to beg again, hoping to maintain some dignity and sense of control.  I turned the vibe on high.  The effect was most gratifying, as her breathing deepened, her mouth forming an “O”, those succulent red lips, so perfect…..
  Again I demanded “Say it ****! Beg to be ****** or I leave you like this!” and stopped stroking into her. I then began sliding the vibrator out, when she broke and began begging.
  “**** me, please, **** me” She was pleading now, truly begging, and I gave her what she wanted. I turned the vibe on high, sliding it back in. Then I started ******* her, either pushing her legs up towards her chest and driving deeply into her or putting them over my shoulders.  I was pumping her hard now, my balls slapping against her ***, swiveling my **** around as I pounded her. When she began her ****** I went in as deeply as I could, a long drawn out “Oooooooooo” escaping her mouth as I pumped  her, giving her the last couple inches I’d been saving. Here David zoomed in on her face, attempting to capture her ******, and on her pretty feet, her toes curling as her legs and feet bounced in time to the hard ******* she got.
“Your mine now woman. I took you, forced you to **** and made you ***. You belong to me now, I cant keep you, but whenever your around me, I can and will have you.  You’re my personal little fucktoy now.  Say it, tell what you are.”
   “I’m your fucktoy “ she stammered. 
  “That’s right, you’re my pretty little fucktoy. And your going to let anyone **** I want you to, when I want you to.
  I pulled her to her feet, sat down on the chair, and pulled her down onto me. I positioned my hard, slick **** at the entrance of her ****, and pushed her legs wider apart, her weight forcing her down onto it, impaling herself on my ****.  The feeling was exquisite. She moaned again as it entered her, I reached behind her and grasping her soft, silky hips, pulled her forward until she was against my stomach, her ***** stuffed with my ****.    I pulled her head down, raping another kiss from her lips, long, deep, wet, our tongues dancing around each other. Her breathing was coming faster again, I allowed my hands to wander over her, caressing her nylon covered legs, mauling her breasts in my hands, sliding over her shoulders and back. 
  “Ride me Fucktoy, ride my ****. I want to see you **** yourself on my ****.”
  She began to rock her hips back and forth, her hands still tied behind her, forcing her to lean into me as she ground her **** against me, ******* herself with my meat.   I began whispering to her, kissing her shoulders and face, then whispering again.
“Your beautiful, do you know that? You have no idea how sexy you look right now, how hot you are.”
“Say it, say “I’m a beautiful woman”.
“Say it Diana, I want to hear you say it.”
  “I’m a beautiful woman”
  “Good girl, you are a beautiful woman, you need to remember that. You need to realize it, and realize how sexy and erotic you are. You’ve got a body made for pleasure Diana, I’m going to teach you to use it. Now think about your *****, concentrate on it, think how it feels right now, with that hard **** inside you, sliding back and forth, back and forth. Squeeze it babydoll,  squeeze that *****, keep riding me, yeah that’s it, **** yourself on it, ride it.”
   I slid my left hand upward, twining my fingers in her hair, and pulled her head back.  I kissed her neck, and moved my mouth onto her right breast, sucking on the erect nipple and tonguing it. At the same time, my right hand was between us, stroking her ****. Her breathing got shallower and faster, her hips swiveling and pumping, rocking back and forth as the sensations built in her.
  “Uhhh uhhh, oooooooooooh!”
She cried out, the ****** sweeping through her as her hips bucking and pumping, thrusting herself forward against my hand, trying to force more **** into herself.  The telling of it takes less time than it actually took.   She sat still for a moment, catching her breath.  I motioned to Dave, and he left the room to fulfill the task I’d asked him to. I could hear him speaking softly into a phone, and he returned quickly. 
 “Stand up ****.”
She stood, and I pushed her over to the table. I gently forced her forward across it. A thin sheen of sweat visible across her back.
  “Spread those legs ****. Spread them! Wider, wider! I want to look at you.”
 I forced her legs apart further, she was wobbling on her CFMP’s, her perfect, slender legs spread as widely as possible.  Her blindfolded face was looking out the window, and anyone in the other buildings nearby could see us, we had left some of the lights on for better photography.   David left for a moment to his room, after getting a close-up of Diana’s *****. Her lips were swollen, engorged. She had opened like a flower, her juices and the lube coating her sex and the insides of her thighs.  The torn pantyhose perfectly framed her utter defencelessness and vulnerability.  I reached around her, and gently stroked her ****, teasing her.  Hearing a slight noise, I turned to see David and the two Japanese men, Hajime and Akira (their first names) both quickly shedding their cloths. Both had obviously kept drinking from earlier, staying up and hoping to get the call I told them might come. Both were erect, their ***** sticking out.   Diana was still in her own world, not realizing she was about to be ravished by not one, but three more men. 
   I’d been ******* Diana long enough now that I knew I could continue on until  I collapsed with coming. But I also knew I wanted to badly, and, in fact, had to.  Doing so this time would fulfill two purposes, the first, is that it would allow David to find out how it felt to enjoy his woman’s **** when it had been well ******, and filled with another mans *****.  It’s intensely erotic, when you look at, and watch, the woman you love giving herself totally to another, and then to slide into her hot, slick box.  The silkiness of her *****, coated with someone else’s slippery *****, its nearly indescribably wicked, sensual and the ultimate in sexual pleasure.   Secondly, with Hajime (Kurosawa san) and Akira (Takizawa san) watching, they couldn’t help but to become even more intensely aroused than they already were.  I was planning on them being the straw that broke her resistance completely, and turned the demure, proper little woman into an ankle chain wearing hotwife.
   She had very little lipstick left on, a great shame I thought, but it couldn’t be helped. Seeing her smear her red lipstick around a **** would be very arousing, but I’d kissed most of it off of her.  I positioned the head of my **** at the pink lips of her ****, slowly teasing her with it, rubbing it up and down the velvety lips.  She whimpered, I kept tormenting her, enjoying the slight, mewling sounds she made. I reached up, and untied her wrists, then gripping her by her pelvis, I thrust into her.   I ****** her slowly, picking up speed, alternating between caressing her back and  her ****. I was purposely letting my selfcontrol slip, enjoying the sensation of sexing this gorgeous woman.  David was popping pictures while the camcorder rolled away on its tripod, his erect **** sticking out like a flag pole.  Catching his eye, I mouthed “Bareback?”  He hadn’t been sure of it earlier, now he hesitated only a second before nodding his head.  I pulled out all the way, ******** the condom off and plunged back into her.
  “Feel that Diana? Feel that hard, smooth ****? I’m not wearing that rubber anymore, and I’m going to shoot my load into you, I’m going to pump my load into your wet little **** *****. You want that? You do don’t you? Say it *****. Tell me how much you want to feel my *** shoot into you.”
  Her breath was again becoming louder and ragged. I reached up and pulled the blindfold off her, her mouth open, a glazed look of lust in her eyes.   David was still taking pics, catching action shots of her lips clinging to my stiff rod as it withdrew from her, slick with the lube and her juices, then pushed in again.
  “Say it ****! Tell me you want to feel me *** inside you, beg for it!”
“**** me, oh, oh God, **** me, shoot your *** into me let me feel it please let me oooooooh oooooh!”
  That was as far as she got. I had started to shoot into her, pumping jet after hot jet inside her , my balls swaying and swinging with each thrust, and it pushed her over the edge. Her hands were clenched, she was thrashing on the table, her hair had come undone as she whipped her head from side to side.  I emptied my balls into her, and as soon as I was able, motioned David to take my place. He made no effort to pleasure her, it wasn’t necessary in any event. She was still hot as hell, and he was enjoying the wet slickness of her still tight *****, lubricated with my ***.    David added his load to her, and before she could recover, Akira  and Hajime grabbed her arms and pulled her onto the bed.
  They had been watching her being ******, first by me and then David, and now their erect condom covered ***** were stiff with desire.  American women have no clue how desirable they are, how sexy and wanton they seem to men from other nations. And here, in front of these two Japanese men, was not simply a pretty American woman but a gorgeous MILF, a creature of myth and fable in the **** of other lands. Neither of them had ever had a Caucasian woman before, now, draped across a table, ***** leaking from her freshly ****** sex, was a stunning white female, an American Milf, and they had been given permission to enjoy themselves.
  Diana hadn’t noticed them, their sudden appearance taking her by surprise so that she tried fighting them off.  They were in no mood to be denied, and fell on her like starving wolves.  Fat, bald Hajime managed to get both of her arms over her head, and began sucking her ****, sucking hard enough to leave sucker marks on them. He was talking to her, forcing her to kiss him, and soon had one of her arms to her side, where he guided it to his ****, forcing her to jack him off.  Silver haired Akira was on top of her, ******* her with quick, hard strokes. Her shoes had come off in the struggle, exposing her perfectly shaped feet to our view as they struggled to gain a purchase on the bed to allow her to escape.
   The two of them spoke in Japanese, and Akira moved to the side, rolling her over onto him. He grasped her arms, and pulled Diana’s face to his, ravishing her mouth with a kiss even as he entered again.  Hajime moved to stand beside the bed, and when Akira broke the kiss, grabbed her hair with his left hand, and forced her head down towards his ****, until Diana opened her mouth to protest and he slid his **** between her lips.
    He ****** her mouth while his partner was ******* her *****, then stopped, pulled out and moved towards the end of the bed. He looked at David and I, and pointed to his condom. David understood what he was asking, and after a moments hesitation, nodded. Then Hajime got behind her, and when Diana tried to raise up, he used one hand on the small of her back to keep her from escaping.  He was stroking her calves and feet, and positioning himself directly behind her. Anticipating him, I went over and squirted lube into his hand, which he slathered on his ****, and then between the cheeks of her ***.  She wasn’t fighting now, having given up. But when Hajime began nuzzling her ******* with his ****, she began to protest, and again tried to escape. Again, to no avail, as Akira pulled her head down and covered her mouth with his, and Hajime simply thrust into her. 
  It seemed like an electric shock hit her as he took her ***. She was being used, penetrated by two men at the same time, strangers, who were using both of her holes, stuffing them with their throbbing *****, sliding them in and out of her as she attempted to escape. Instead, she only caused them to go deeper inside her, stuffing her with their hard fuckmeat.
  Both were talking to her and each other in Japanese, pumping her harder and harder, trying to reach a rhythm together, and she was responding, her hips swiveling and pumping back against them, her long hair loose and swaying.  One word I recognized “Yariman”, Akira had told me in our first conversation when I described Diana. It was Japanese for “****”. I sat on the bed, and pulled her head up by her hair.
   “There going to *** in you Diana. Are you enjoying it? Do you want their ***? Hmmm? Do you want another load or two of old man *** to be shot into you? Talk to them Fucktoy, tell them what you want.”
   “Aw God that’s good! Oh, ah yes, **** me, **** my *** you bastards, **** my ***, *** in me! Shoot that hot *** in my *****, take me, take me ahhhhh, ahhhh, OOOOOOOOH!”
   Diana began squinting her eyes, arching her back almost like a cat, her head thrashing side to side as she bucked and humped back at the two men. Hajime had begun shooting his load into her ***, and that was what set her off.  Akira continued with his assault of her sex from below, and we were treated to the site of her breasts swaying and jiggling as they kept *******.  Hajime pulled out, sat back, and fell off the bed. In a moment he crawled over to a chair, completely spent.  Diana was now sitting upright, riding Akira, her hips rocking back and forth, mouthing encouragement to him.
 “Oh God baby, ****, **** my *****, oh oh **** yeah **** me, **** me good, shoot it into me, fill my *****, let me feel it, let me feel that hot ***!”
Akira’s hips came off the bed, Diana increased the speed of her hips, both of them thrusting and crying out, Akira saying “IKU! IKU!”  (I’m *******) while Diana worked to milk every drop out of his balls.
   Dave and I had sat mesmerized during this, both of us were so overcome at her obvious state of arousal that we had regained our erections.  Diana came, a loud, near screaming ******. She had in fact, been having small ******* for some time, on an almost continuous basis.  As the last one subsided, Akira pushed her off and sat up on the edge of the bed.
   I told Hajime to wash up, if he wanted more of her, (if she were even able after all this) he had to wash his **** or no more play.   Instead, he merely stood up, bowed slightly, said “Domo” and got dressed, Akira following his lead.  They said something, Hajime left, all smiles, and Akira put a wad of money on the dresser.  I saw him to the door.   
  My **** had stiffened again watching her forced ******* by the other two.  David was photographing her as she lay on the bed. Jumpin Jesus she was hot looking!.  Her body was covered in sweat, she was still breathing hard, (her **** must have been ultrasensitive by now), legs spread apart, wearing those torn pantyhose, *** leaking from both of her holes.   David was positioning her in various ways, taking still more photos.  I got her a drink, gave it to her.  She sat up, drank it and looked at me.  I knew she was still drunk, or close to it, but didn’t care.  Leaning forward I kissed her, lightly, then more forcefully, teasing her lips.  She lay back on the bed, I lay beside her, stroking her legs, her body.  I picked up the vibrator and teased her nipples with it, then slid it over her stomach down to the puffy lips of her *****. She jerked, almost as if an electric shock had gone through her when I began moving it around her swollen sex, then began to wiggle a bit. Breaking the kiss, I found what I was looking for, one of the scarves.  I pulled both of her hands over her head, and even as she protested, tied them together, then to one of  the cleats.  I stood up, grabbed her ankles and pulled her down the bed, stretching her out fully so she had no leverage. I turned the vibrator on low, lubed it lightly, and slid it between her *** cheeks.  Its tip covered her *******, and lay there buzzing happily. I pushed her legs together tightly, lay down next to her and began kissing her feet, taking them one at a time, kissing the edges, her toes, running my tongue over her instep, squeezing and caressing them, massaging them. I kissed her ankles, caressed her calves and thighs, moving ever upward. I got on top of her, sucking her hard nipples, my hands still wandering over her silken flesh.  I kissed her again and again, long deep kisses, tweaking and lightly pulling her nipples, telling her what a lovely woman she was, how sexy, how erotic and special she was.  All the while the vibrator was buzzing beneath her, and my hard **** was grinding against her **** and stomach. I shave my **** and balls, and the smoothness of them made a fine contrast to her trimmed sex.  I wrapped my legs around hers, squeezing them together, reveling in the feeling of her, the heat of her body, the slickness of her sweat on her skin, the nylon covering her legs.
    Diana was making those little mewling sounds again while I told her what I was going to do to her next. She squirmed beneath me, eyes closed as she sought to spread her legs and pull me into her. Raising up, I got my hand on the end of the vibrator and turned it up. My hand cupped her *** cheek, squeezing and kneading the lovely globe of flesh.
    I wrapped my legs around hers, pulled them apart with mine, and entered her. She felt wonderful.  I closed my legs again, forcing hers closed. My **** was now trapped inside her, her legs making her even tighter, savoring the sensations of filling her sex mixed with the vibrations the vibrator was sending through her.  Diana was squirming and whimpering again, she began kissing me, trying to communicate her need.
  “You’re my **** aren’t you Diana? You want to *** again, you need it, and you want me to *** inside you again don’t you?”  I asked her.
  I already knew the answers to those questions,  but wanted to hear that sexy voice plead and beg again. And she did.
   I raised myself up on my arms, spread my legs and allowed her to free hers. I instructed her to wrap her legs around mine, to stroke the backs of my calves and thighs with her legs and feet,  and to enjoy the feeling of my **** sliding in and out of her.  She closed her eyes and did as bidden, and I again savored the sensations of pleasure this delightful, sensuous woman was providing me. We established a rhythm, her legs sliding up and down the back of mine. Occasionally she slid the soles of her feet over my calves, even as I felt the muscles in her ***** gripping me.  I don’t know how long we spent like that, I tried to prolong it as long as I could.   Inevitably I began to feel my balls tightening, preparing to empty themselves into the depths of her sex.  Her body recognized the signs, her legs tightened on mine, our pace quickened, the lips of her **** clinging to my slick, hard **** each time it pulled out, then grasped it again on the return stroke.    Diana’s head was lifted off of the bed, her face contorted as she began another hard ******, this one sweeping over her like an ocean wave. She cried out again, and I answered her.  Her ***** was milking my ****, gripping and stroking it as I emptied my balls inside her .
   I collapsed onto her, almost unable to move.  We had dislodged the vibrator in our exertions, I turned it off.  David sat in a chair watching us, I don’t know how many times he had *** that night from jacking off, watching his perfect wife be ravished.   I picked her up and carried her to their bed in the other room, David following. He covered her up, and she rolled over onto her side, sliding towards sleep. We smiled, I mouthed “Thank You!” and I went to my room, closing the door behind me.

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