Tell Me What You Would Do To Her!

Just posted new pics! Love taking these shots, but I love posting them even more. Check out my pics and leave comments. More comments= More Pics!

I take most of these with my blackberry! Wifey has no clue that the video camera is rolling! She just thinks I am checking email!


Tell me what you would do to her!


pmarsh23 pmarsh23
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7 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I would love too see those pics please add me as your friend.

Hi gladly. please email me pics of her to *** on and Ill gladly send you any comments ok? Thanks loads! Joe.

I would love too see those pics please add me as your friend.

i would ***** her down and begin to finger her tight ***** and then bend her over the closest thing and slam my rock hard **** and **** her good and hard then *** deep inside her then roll her on her back and then start pounding her slower and start sucking her breast, then i would start to eat her *** filled *****. send me some pics of her please

We could plan a secret meeting while the two of you are out drinking and dancing. Get her drunk to the point she is not sure what is going on and take her to a hotel and in the dark i would take over with you watching. Well if you are interested we can discuss the rest!

I can't wait to see her and comment about her, I hope you add me as a friend

she would be on her hands and knees sucking my ****. Then you come in and start ******* her from behind. We both *** at the same time. Then she turns around and puts her ***** in my face so I can taste that cream pie. she gives you a big french kiss full of *** to thank you for the experience. sound good to you?