Please Do!

I want to know all the filthy, perverted things people would do to my wife.
I will share the comments with her. She loves the thought of random people thinking about ******* her any which way ;)

MyWhoreWife MyWhoreWife
6 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Hi prad2prad (and lovely wife!!),
Has your beautiful wife ever been spit roasted? Would love to know!!

Would love to see her pics, and I'll graphically describe the hot things I'd do to her, and what I'd get her to do to me

What would I do with your wife? I really don't know where to start! But lets think about me taking the two of you out for an evening of drinks and some dancing.. I take her out on the dance floor, her in a nice short dress. As I am dancing with her, I reach down and start hiking her dress up showing off the top of her thigh-highs.. Pull her tighter to me, letting her know how much she's aroused me. Then reaching my hands down to cup each of her *** cheeks, looking over her shoulder straight in to your eyes. You'd see she's starting to hump against my leg, her crotch grinding on me.. That what ya looking for? Bill in Va.

Nice! would love to do her, could you do my wife in the mean time?

After reading your other story I'll tell you, I'd love to have been the third guy who got the opportunity to face **** her!! I'd apprecieate being added so I got take a look at her if you've posted any pics??

I like the idea of you losing her to me on a bet and me making her my sex slave for the weekend. You drop her off at my house on friday evening, naked, and you are to come pick her up sunday night. Step one.