So Bored With This Simple Life.

I might be crazy but sometimes when I read a book or when I watch anime or movies or whatever is fiction and I find myself wishing that my life wasn't so damn boring, I wish more exciting things would happen to me more often.

I might just save up some money next year and then use it to go backpacking in Asia or maybe somewhere else during Summer, but I'm not sure yet with my horrible sense of direction.. then again getting lost is an adventure in itself so who knows. XD
Randgriss Randgriss
18-21, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

I agree with you completely!! Whenever we get a little misguided on the road or go down the wrong turning I get so excited because its like we are going on a little adventure, but I long for more. Much more.
I need something to happen in my life. I want to go to america and see the world!!!! :)