Is It Really This Hard

I am 20 years old. I moved from Niagara Falls, NY to Cleveland Ohio not knowing anyone. I started going to church and was ordained as a deaconess. Our members are all married and in their 40's and then there are kids who are 16 and younger. I feel like an outcast and have no one to relate to. Its really hard bc I miss my friends but none of them are christians

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woman of God, the word of the day. be encouraged God is leading and guideing you through this walk with him. eye's have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it enter in the hearts of men the things which God had prepare for them that love him..he loves you so much..Bro G

Hey! I'm 27 and live in Maple Heights, suburb of Cleveland. Super cool that you became a deaconess! What church do you go to?

Aww, I would feel a little out of place as far as age too! Cleveland's a big place....I don't know how your church works, but could you go to other Christian assemblies on different days of the week? You may meet people there.