The Naked Truth.

Growing up as a carnal Christian as many. Not being connected to the church Latter getting in to volley ball and other things with other Christians (textile) Went white water rafting an so on. Made friends and went to bible study's as well. Became part of the church but at home with the pond at home I did like skinny dipping. It was nice recalling the praise songs laying nude on a raft. Now so far this would not have bothered the church being me only though I didn't share this. Later after getting a ASA now AANR book from a book store? Why it was there I do not know? Then an early morning nudist resort news story in the morning. I got brave and went to this resort being somewhat local. There was a collage guy there and him going up to his parents nude and all natural so this opened me up to social mix gender nudism. Now the church's have the faults view that nude is lude but as nudists we know better. With the Fig leaf forum I have found the church in error. But I too would like getting together with other nudist and have nude bible study's?
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It's nice to see so many other Christian nudists here! I've been a Christian since I was accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of 9.

I've been a nudist since about that same age, give or take a few years.

I'm now approaching my mid 50's, and my faith has gotten stronger, and so has my love for nudity!

I am also a strong Christian as well as a nudist. Don't parade that last around since most of my friends and family wouldn't understand. My late wife and I used to belong to a nudist resort in the area, and once met a friend from outside there. Didn't realize they were nudists until then. It was years ago but if I remember correctly it was a friend from church. These days if someone mentioned an interest is seeing what it was like I would let them know that I would take them.

I'm also a Christian, I do not go to church, but I believe in Jesus, and also pray.

when i was growing up iwent to CYO an there we all swim naked an yes even the boys an there dads also you never thought twice about going in the pool naked an it was nice that all Christian men an boys were together. when i got married we were home nudist my wfie was catholic also an enjoy being free of clothes an to enjoy the life that God made us time went on we raise our children to be nudist an to accept it as something that God gave us an grant us into

I am Christitan an nudist
i had raised my daughters on being nudist clothing optional almsot all the time they were naked in house or out in yard
we feel they were taught at young age about it an they took it fine
they did not suffer peer pressure to have sex an in fact there first sexual encounter was end of college i feel that Christian up bringing an being nudist was helping that

I'm a Christian nudist myself. So we can chat anytime

I think nude bible study would be great. Being nude is natural and normal

Would that resort have been Forest Hills near Saranac?

Yes it was but only went there the one time then I went to Sunshine Gardens witch ended up being to picky. Went to places in Florida and have spent most the time at Turtle Lake Resort here. Therefore I would recommend Forest hills and Turtle Lake in this aria.