No question life without cowbell would a boring adventure.  As a drummer returning back to playing again for the first time in too many years the sound of a cowbell is just like the best thing.  I have been facilitating drumming circle now for about two years.  I use the cowbell for call and response and for leading the group.  Then for the drumkit it is so necessary.  I am loving playing again and love using the sounds of the cowbell to enhance my rock drumming.  My wife has always hated my drumming and up until recently that is why I had to stop.  I just bought an electronic drumset in order to make sure that my practice does not disturb her.  It is bad enough she keeps me sexless, but then to take away something from me that also makes me happy for all those years is just unfair.  Well, I am playing again once more adn could not be happier!
KingofPain KingofPain
41-45, M
1 Response May 31, 2010

Great story, KOP! I use cowbell as an analogy, but you have a REAL one!!