There Has To Be More If Not Then Whats The Point...

Let's see where to start , I'm 29 yrs old with four children , currently separated. So what right who isn't. Well lately I've been thinking is there really more in life then just being a mother. It seems like all my life I've been a mother since i can remember. I became a mother when i was 15 yrs old , continued going to school then by eighteen had my second child , graduated and married . Then by twenty had my third and twenty-one had my forth. Wow what was i thinking right , I know i was inlove with the man of my dreams or who I thought would be the man of my dreams was just quite the opposite , let's just say he had tricks up his sleeve a smoothe talker that made everything sound okay but infact was not and the bad part I could never bring myself to admit he did me wrong . With the time we have been married he has stolen from me numerous times , cheated but of course there was always a reason as to what he was doing with her , no matter if he left at one , two , four what ever the time maybe or place always a reason and maybe I was dumb to believe him and allow myself to go through this day after day , year after year, but in my head he would maybe change but he never did. You see part of the problem was in my head I needed him and he was the best I could do , then one day I snapped out of it and put a stop to it and told him to leave I had enough mind body and soul , it took me 15 yrs to see he was not for me. But now that hes gone where do I go from here , my life is such a mess that I'm trying to place all the pieces correctly , which leads me here is there more to life or is this it.......
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I have never been close to being in your shoes, so I can't say how you feel. Will do best I can, for what its worth. You have the weight of Earth on your shoulders. A lone mother and 4 children. You mean the world to them, so you've got to give your best. I envision you needing a great deal of strength. Say nothing about family or friends giving you assistance. Hopefully they can help, if only listening to you. Just try taking one day at a time. Wish you all the best.

I have to say that it was very brave of you to say No and to seek a better life for yourself and your kids. You deserve it. Things won't sort themselves out that quickly but at least it's a start in a different direction. I wish you all the best. Stay positive and don't be afraid to go after what you want.