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Have you ever feel the need of changing skin ? Like every morning when you wake up, you are wondering what are you here for ? you wanna live your life the fullest, explore your potentials, inspire others , feel love and yet, here you are wondering and dreaming.
does anyone has any idea on how to start? Please feel free to share your points of view ?
lilou84 lilou84
3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

Thank you, but I’m not that good. Your username reminds me of a woman whose work I appreciate so much. Lilou Mace has put together interviews from the most wise and spiritual people of the planet. Watch some of them and many answers you will find.

how inspiring!!! Thank you. You must have a lot of experience that might be very useful. I'd be interested to be added as one of your friend.

Don’t change skins unless you’re an actor. You should reach the point in life when you feel completed in your own skin. Begin the journey of discovering yourself, experience the true love (not possession), increase knowledge to improve choices, feel free, avoid agreements, do not expect and you will be amazed, follow your hearth and you’ll be inspired, live happiness, don’t try to reach it, don’t save the world, just let it be the mirror of a good you!