I'm Pretty Depressed

Even though I have a job in my field and I'm 2 classes away from graduating I'm pretty depressed. I'm 24 and I haven't lived much. I'm sad. I partied a bit during my first year of college. I worked hard for three years and then this last year I've been coasting and doing nothing. My life is dull. The people around here are dull to me. I don't get excited about the same things that they do. Or rather I don't get excited about those things. I'm a little worried. My life has not turned out to be what I hoped it would be. I feel so alone, so bored, so depressed, so pathetic.
poinsettia poinsettia
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I'm in the same situation. I'm in my last year and I lost my focus in my studies as well.