To all teenagers such as myself:

Our generation loves to complain about inexistent struggles.

We direct so much of our attention to things like popularity, social status and wealth that we are slowly forgetting the values that meant the most to us. We grew stronger yet we became arrogant; we gained more goods yet we forgot how to share them; we grew in number yet all we see is ourselves.

Why must we destroy ourselves like this? Why do we pay so much attention to how much one earns and how many "followers" one has on the internet? I know I cannot be the only one who thinks to deserve better. We all deserve better. We deserve better than living in this superficial routine. We deserve better than being slaves of our need for attention. We deserve to live as the complex, beautiful creatures we are.

Stop placing so much importance on money and work to create strong, meaningful bonds with the people around you. Stop caring so much about next week's party and search for memories neither in a bottle nor in the lips of a stranger but rather in the stories told near the warmth of a bonfire. Most of all, however, learn not to fear loneliness, but to welcome it. For sometimes it's in that same loneliness that we learn most about ourselves.

Let's not make this life just fun. Let's make it meaningful.
alviseb alviseb
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

Beautifully put.