Getting real tired of it taking so long to meet minds like my own. Endlessly scrolling through experiences and profiles, scrutinizing every detail that a person shows of their self online. More often than not, I've found that there are so many who simply lack depth. Most only address the world's problems (always the problems, never the true solutions (as opposed to most common solutions such as "kill them all" or "just have faith")) in the broadest terms possible rather than getting to the core. These people also just so happen to use the word "sustainability" in its absolutely loosest sense possible. I can't help but wonder if they only do that to keep from being plagued by the truth. It's the easiest thing ever to attribute all the worlds problems to money, government, religion, basic human folly; but not many take it any further than that. Because it's sleepless nights when you start seeing root of the matter. Suddenly, alcohol becomes a prescription that offers your only chance to visit a mindset from before you realized how completely simple the solution could be; and even then, it only works half the time.
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Hi, appreciate your comment, have been bored with what was happening in my life until recently. I have a good life, lovely wife and family, but found a way to gain more freedom. My wife and I sat down the other night and made a bucket list, very fun. We are already working on a couple fun pieces of it. What's your plan?

Maybe some people don't show their depth because it's an intimate thing

depth is something I wish more people had, then I would have someone to talk to.

Alcohol? Not psychedelics?

Actually, I have since moved onto weed. Great ******* choice.

I'm happy to hear that, now if only I could get my hands on some DMT things would really get interesting.

Alcohol is a pretty poor way to see the world through these eyes, you'd honestly be better smoking a spliff! But I get what you mean. Everyone wants better, but it's always someone else's problem. Humanity is not a currently a community... I hope one day this will change