More Than One

I feel like few people can understand.  I have a wonderful child who is 6.  I have wanted at least one more since he was about 1 but my husband is not having it.  He is a great dad but just has no desire for more children.  I think about it everyday, spend many times crying.  The pain can be unbearable.  People say you should be happy with one but they don't understand what it's like to feel like you are not whole.

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4 Responses Mar 16, 2009

I think your husband is being selfish! I'm sure your child would benefit greatly from having a sibling. I understand how you feel; I've wanted another child since my son was two and now he's nearly seven. x

Oh my gosh, this is my life that I'm reading about! It consumes me, but I cannot convince my husband either. My daughter is 4 now. All I want is 1 more.

Thank you. We had a long talk last night. It was really good. I think we are heading in the right direction. Here's hoping!

I can see why you want one more. Why can't you tell him,God forbid that anything happend to your child.With 2 an even no.The perfect family and if something did happend you would not be childless.To love children and want them is a gift.I will be cheering you on!Don't give up.I'll pray and you pray ok