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Perhaps, like me, you have family members who do not uplift you. Every once in awhile I need to uplift MYSELF. The very traits that I love about myself, irritate two people in my life. I'm gonna toot my own horn, not from a place of ego, but from a place of thankfulness for the qualities that make In no particular order:


1- I have a happy disposition.....I make friends easily

2- my mind is well and functioning......for the most part

3- I have a good wit......and humor ( see #2 )

4- I am spiritual.....I invented the church of works for me!

5- I have a loving heart, and I'm sensitive.....and kind

6- I adopted 2 cats that otherwise would have been put down ( see #5 )

7- I am a good cook.....I seldom have a flop

8- I was given artistic expression....sometimes, I'm even good

9- I am not a. It consumer....I love buying used

10- ???????????????

I would suggest you do this for yourself. You have always mattered. With respect, kathie
Kathieredart Kathieredart
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It's great to give oneself a lift now and then.

Hey You! How is your world by now? THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!
Yes, be sure to remember the quality things that make
In fact, time for me to do it again also. I pretty much fight negative vibes daily. My very best to you, your clocks, your dream house, your world. Here's a big, giant hug! Oxox, Kath

Thank you - life's great now, and really on a roll.

A ton of blessings on your sweet head! You deserve happiness.....

Ahhhhhh......tears.....want to be in my family? You would count as 2 ! You would probably neutralize all the negative! I TREASURE your positive, caring friendship.....thanks Book.

YAY for Kathie!! Woo Hoo! You do matter! AND you are all of those qualities and so many more. You bring light and joy and happiness into MY life almost everyday and I'm sure to many others as well. I only wish I could bring as much joy to people as YOU do! As for those who do not uplift you...In the words of Whoopie Goldberg from the movie Sister Act, you must simply smile and say...BLESS YOU!! Yeah! Just like that! :) Thank you so much for just being you. AWSOME personified!

You are such a swell pal to have....I am constantly thankful our paths crossed! A fine example of a cat and dog bonding..........over food!