Getting The Name Out!

My Little brother has been trying to get his band heard and or getting any recognition! They are a metel group but have had friends as PR who really didnt know much on the subject! So I have been trying to help him! His band is called Dark at Noon and I think they are good!  is were you can hear them! We would love any advise or word of mouth that can be given! Thanks for any of your time!
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3 Responses Aug 15, 2010

There are tons of sites out there such as and and several different "make it or break it" style podcasts on sits like blogspot. It's all about exposure, exposure, exposure, so the more the band, and their music is out there, the better the chances are of someone hearing them that can make the difference for them. <br />
I wish all of these online resources were in place when I started out 20 years wouldve made a huge difference for me. Now I'm just a middle aged singer/songwriter, still struggling to get my music heard...but the resources are there now for that to happen, and I've managed a few good contacts over the last couple of years. So use everything available to just get the name out there. A lot of what gets new bands heard, is familiarity with the name...the more people see the name, the more familiar they are with it, and are more likely to give them a listen. They'll then pass it on to a friend, who passes it on to a friend, amd so on. <br />
Also, make sure ANY original music that they post online, is copyright would be a shame for someone to take off with their music and try to pass it off as their own. The music world is an exciting place...but it is not always the most honest world to play around in, so make sure your brothers group is very careful about what they sign, and that they're protected.

Thank you! I have them on facebook and myspace so far! Just want sure if there was more i could do!

All the advice I can give, is to keep trying, and keep putting the word out to where the music can be heard online, and where and when their shows are...facebook is good for that. Good luck!!!!