I Need This Desperately!!

i have always lacked self confidence, and i have always been really shy!! its something i just havent been able to get rid of!! i dont know why, and i just cant understand it, but i have always been this way, and i have never known how to be any different!!
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I know, but as I've said before in other stories, it doesn't just happen, I mean it does happen suddenly but only if you have a major change in your life, I had the opportunity to kinda start over at something and when I did, people around me were a lot younger than me and that helped me get rid of all the thoughts of being inferior or something that I had when I was at a different place and I've been a lot more confident ever since, you know like talking a lot louder, and just doing things that I didn't do before, so what I'm saying is it is not impossible but it doesn't happen like because one tries something out one day.

I am going to try acting confident right now. Breathe in and out...I'm confident. Yes, even saying it to myself is making me feel confident. Thanks for the tip, sofican!

Cowshed, this is important . A wonderful old gentleman told it to me.<br />
Happiness comes from understanding what things are important and what things are not important and CONFIDENCE is the Bi-Product. <br />
Best wishes to you and Hugs back,<br />

thank you *sofican*!! i bet you ROCK too!!! i hope that i can become as confident as you have become!! (((hugs)))

It happens but when you start just acting as if it really does do the trick however the downside is you meet up with people who want to bring you down again by being criticle is sometimes very subtle ways, they feel better about themselves when they can see you waek. It's an irony how this happens but people may even call you cocky if they really have a distain for your confidence but generally people you are closest to you will most likely love it ,to see you more positive and even smiling or even a little chuckle , sure I am conveinced if you will act on your change you will find it to change your life. If you will both ,cowshed and littlebrownbat I LMAO at these names of yours, their adorable and I bet you both ROCK. Yes I'm an old lady but I can share alot of things that has been tried and is true. It's one step away from you today,,,go bonce when the phone rings and smile while you are on the phone and they can feel your smile from across the world......go for it kiddo's soficaan

yes *Littlebrownbat*, wouldnt it be great if you could just go somewhere and buy some confidence in a can!! i wish we could buy some from somewhere lol, cos it'll make things a whole lot easier!! lol

I'm the same, Cowie! I would love it if I could get it in a can! Just pop the top and there you go, instant confidence! :)

i need to try that *sofican*!! i need to try something, cos being this shy ,quiet and unconfident guy is just not good enough!!! i need to try something or anything to try get more confidence!!

I am 65 and can tell you how I started to feel more confident and it seem to work so well that I believed in it.......I acted as if ..until I myself believed it to be so and so it was. I had to feel what it felt like to get the other kind of attention, the respect from my family and peers ..I could see it made me feel better to hold a spot of confidence and of couse dignity wherever i went , hold my head up high and walk sure footed.