I find it really hard to be confident. I am a girl who is constantly in jumpers and Leggings. My best friend is absolutely beautiful, she looks gorgeous with and without make up, it's horrible being with her around boys because all the attention goes to her! She is so charismatic and funny! I am so blessed to be her best friend because she is possibly the nicest person ever, and I'm not quite the same! I'm ugly, fat and not funny. It's such a **** feeling because im constantly compared to her. I find it hard to have self confidence when I'm constantly with her, which I am! She has a boyfriend who treats her amazingly, and it's so ****** because in the time of us being friends (3years) she has had 4 boyfriends, all treating her amazing, while I have had a grand total of 0. I find it hard looking how I look, I change the way I look constantly, I pierce my face, cut and straighten my hair, wear loads of make up, however nothing seems to help, I'm still ugly as ****:( help me build my confidence I'm begging you:(
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When I look at your profile picture I see a beautiful person. You should too.

dont compare your self to others always remember that you have your own beauty that anybody can see it :) show it girL :)))

No two people are the same. Comparing yourself to your friends in looks is comparing apples to oranges. The basics are there ie you both have 2 eyes 2 arms 2 legs 1 nose etc but you look different but are both still beautiful. Believe me I understand my sister is beyond gorgeous and I've spent 6 years being asked if she's older if we r really related cuz she's so pretty etc and it got to the point I HATED her for being beautiful but she told me she felt the same about me. My self confidence began to exist that day

And i wonder how your friend would describe you. She might also say she is blessed. Stop comparing.