I'm 27Wks Pregnant N found out my boyfriend has been cheating on me our whole 4yrz 2gthr! Ths is our 1st child 2Gthr! I Never bn so hurt !smh ion a Evn knw y I'm writing ths. Feel som type away..... Hw Yu live 2lives like that n act like tha whole tyme nun Yu did was wrong 😞
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With that English I bet the baby will leave you too

God blesses us in many ways, and you are blessed to have a child & that child will love you back unconditionally. You should be glad you found out while you only have one child. Move on, don't be a fool. Know your worth.

You have no control over the choices other people make. It's good that you now know the type of person he is, but hopefully he'll take responsibility and at least be their for the baby. Becoming a mother means you'll find strength that you didn't know you even had. Focus on yourself, staying healthy for both you and your little one, and try not to stress.... it'll only make things worse. I hope you are able to move forward and stay positive. You deserve only the best. :)

Its ok ...you gotta let go and move on ..I went through a worse situation wheni was expecting my first child ....your child is your blessing ...make your child happy and anything negative keep it away

It's gonna be okay hon. Don't feel bad. Be strong and figure out what YOU want okay. And once you do that you can figure it out from there.