I feel like I'm worthless I'm just always mad sad or crying lots
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16-17, F
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me too

I feel the same way. We just need to get away from the negativity in our life. We make our path, sometimes there are people or things that get in our way, but in the end we make the decision to be happy.

I figured if I can't be happy then I look for those who need to be comforted and loved. That makes me feel better to see someone else smile.

Just hang in there sweety. I know life sucks but you have to give your life a chance of turning around and getting better.❤️

fake it until you make it


Fake confidence, if you think your ugly tell yourself you are gorgeous until you believe it, if you feel you are inferior to others then act like you own the place, if you crouch over and stare at the floor when you walk then stand up straight and walk briskly like you have some place to be, once again.... fake it until you make it

You are right but the girl asking the question is 13-15 and that is the best advice I can give a girl who is a young teen because that is what carried me through at that age, if she were older there would be other issues to work through, agreed?

A young teen is naturally insecure... I have already made it baby! get a life and stop criticizing my answer

I know how you feel remember there's people that feel the same way that you do

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