I think that it is only female nature to be insecure. But I want to over-come that. I want to be that strong confident girl who doesn't care about anyone or anything.
KaylaJackie KaylaJackie
16-17, F
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I want to be that way too. <3

Talk to yourself more, always tell yourself you're confident very confident and anything you wan urself to be!
Your mind will always follows wad u says without judging it!

Same here .. It's so hard now a days

Yeah cause all over the media is picture perfect girls and it's not fair

Actually it's not hard at all just stop caring its easy if u want help to do that message me

It's easier said then done.. People will eat you up alive for the stupidest reasons and it's difficult not to care. When it really hurts your feelings.

Really ur going to fight me on this

Sure give me a piece of your mind!!!

That wasn't a offer

But message me and I will

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