Because I'm not living and I want to feel alive again, to be able to live.
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Think I understand how you feel.. Hope you are feeling a bit better now though! Hugs

Fill your brain with positive affirmations. You talk to yourself more than you do anybody else. Learn to listen to yourself and to think Of yourself highly and know that were made by the almighty god

I think we could all do with some more self-confidence =)
I suggest you just be yourself, don't fear what others think...or say, they don't make you who you are...
You are an amazing woman, everyday when you wake up...tell yourself you are amazing, ignore that voice in your head telling you otherwise...go out and do the things you, arts, nature, books, movies...whatever it is...having fun by yourself breeds confidence...appreciating yourself strengthens it!
=) stay blessed

Thank you

Don't let the Devil Inside you take over.....remember You are one of a kind. Your finger print is proof

What would you like to do? To prove that you live

Overcome fear

What kind of fears do you have ?

Irrational ones, social phobias

Everyone wants to be helped socially, accepted , but if someone doesn't feel happy about the way you look or behave that doesn't mean that's your fault after my experiences.

No I'm at fault here honestly anger control issues

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