My brother has just found out he has stage 3 cancer I'm not sure what the rights words are to say to him
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I've had a few family member die of cancer...just don't lie to them about there condition..(unless they tell you not to tell them which they probly won't)

Sorry about your news. Staying positive always no matter what has is the best solution.
Tell him that you love him and your there for him

I'm sorry I wish the best for you and your family

no words---just HUG HIM AND HUG HIM AGAIN!!Very sorry

Thank you

Don't worry, just let it happen what have to happen. What type of cancer Is ?

Hi thank you for your reply it's bowel and they are waiting for results on the liver

I hope it's curable 🙏

I had a friend at Stage 4 and survived. Try not to get sentimental but if he takes the conversation there just say let's all stay focused on you getting better and everything will be fine. That's what I did anyway...

Thank you

God bless.

Thank you